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  1. Ha, new look since then http://i88.photobucket.com/albums/k164/ianho16/IMG_0140.jpg
  2. Ha yeah, its full suit or no race here as well in Singapore. The TLD looks like it'll do wonders in the heat here... Btw, thanks for liking it too ...
  3. New graphics http://i88.photobucket.com/albums/k164/ianho16/IMG_0140.jpg
  4. Ordered from the UK. http://www.pro-carbonracing.co.uk/ Enjoy ian
  5. Thanks Steve! Will be meeting a couple of guys this Friday and bringing your kit along in case anyone else needs something like it Cheers ian
  6. My KTM 525 SX from Singapore Cheers ian
  7. Haha! thanks guys. Pic was taken after a track day in Malaysia (road race circuit) so the tires were getting a good workout. Should've seen em immediately after the session tho.. kinda smoothed out on ythe ride back All the KTMs here look pretty trick! Cheers ian
  8. Hi, ian from Singapore here. Bike is 04 525 SX converted to SuperMoto. Cheers
  9. Hi guys, Ian from Singapore with my KTM 525SX Motard Cheers