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  1. AnotherRedHead

    VP U4.4? oxygenated fuels

    Anyone used oxygenated fuel in their 2 stroke? They used to make U2, and they dont anymore. My fuel guy says u4.4 for 2 strokes too... Anyone have any experience with oxygenated fuels in smokers?
  2. AnotherRedHead

    06 crf 450 suspension fit on 04cr250?

    the clevis length is the same.
  3. AnotherRedHead

    06 crf 450 suspension fit on 04cr250?

    The shock fits with no issues. Whoever says the shock wont fit is a retard. Internet. If you dont know, dont answer the question. Simple. If we only didnt have to sift through the pages of comments and crap we could find useful information with searches and such....
  4. AnotherRedHead

    06 crf 450 suspension fit on 04cr250?

  5. AnotherRedHead

    06 crf 450 suspension fit on 04cr250?

    ttt tt
  6. AnotherRedHead

    06 crf 450 suspension fit on 04cr250?

    whats the problem with the shock? Can you not just change the clevis? They look almost identical
  7. AnotherRedHead

    06 crf 450 suspension fit on 04cr250?

    It looks the same, is there anything different? Are the spring rates the same between those two bikes? A guy has a set that is sprung for a heavy rider and wants them it for the smoker.....
  8. I see on here ppl are putting magura hydraulic clutches on the bike but I cant find them listed anywhere. Someone help me find one of these
  9. AnotherRedHead

    Vid: Ryan Highes .......

    but cool vid none the less. He is super fast for an oldie. Dubach better look out when hughes turns 40
  10. AnotherRedHead

    Vid: Ryan Highes .......

    his whole career went to the pooper when he rode the ktm 2 stroke. All that bad mouthing he did on ktm, not many teams wanna hire someone that trash talks the sponsor company, esp if they arent top 3, like hughes. He wouldnt get top 10 in todays field.
  11. I have a feeling that some 09 cams have the gear pressed on slightly diff thats why some of us have easy starting bikes and some dont. Im sure if you put a cam in with a slotted cam gear you could easily weed out starting probs.
  12. AnotherRedHead

    09 crf450 vs 2010 yz450f

    I do think the 09 honda signs off a bit early. I prob made that worse by using the stock cam with RHC head. I need to put in that cam he gave me and get all that top end pull im missing. Other than that my honda is the best bike Ive ridden. Any new bike with good susp is easy to ride, doesnt buck me on cases, and makes decent power with a pipe. Every year I get a new bike, my speed improves, and I fall less and less. Im sure its my skills improving but the bikes are too. My 08 yami used to like to bounce my feet off the pegs on hard landings and my 09 Ive landed much harder and easily rode it out. Doesnt matter what you ride, the pros stay the same in standings (relatively) and they switch bikes alot. I see Demuth on ktms, yamis, hondas, and kawis. And he wins on all of them too.
  13. AnotherRedHead

    09 crf450 vs 2010 yz450f

    bubba was struggling with setup and yea chad was so close bc suzuki had such a good machine. Good platform and RC, Dungey, Burner, lots of good testers. Chad looked way better and more comfortable on the suzuki than he did yamaha for sure. But Bubbles has them all beat now. Just watch the new dvd kickstart. No ones got anything for Stewart and he knows it.
  14. AnotherRedHead

    09 crf450 vs 2010 yz450f

    Im gonna get a ride on a 2010 YZ450 within the next few weeks. I'll let u know what I think.....
  15. AnotherRedHead

    Going to try FMF on my 09.

    I wasnt banned....I havent been on this forum in a while. Its nice to see that when I check it, some things never change! Now, back to the subject at hand.... You cant go blaming honda for you not being able to ride their bike, or set it up properly. Just because what you tried didnt work for you, doesnt mean that hondas chassis is flawed. Get real. I havent had any balance issues with the susp i have now, nor the enzo kyb stuff I had. No susp is gonna magically make you ride better. I just find it amazing that a c-d rider has such issues with his setup. I just dont think you are going fast enough to understand what the bike needs. Most riders at beginner-novice level will never use their susp to its potential.