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  1. I used to ride with a guy that has one, before I got hurt. It is a awesome quad, and he had no problems with it.
  2. That's crazy. I never noticed anything, and never seen anything like it. I just be careful when peeling the sliver seal off the oil bottle, to make sure it don't fall into the oil.
  3. Mine didn't fit either, all 5 of them I tired.
  4. Looks nice, I like blue better.
  5. Check the valve clearances, poor starting could be a result of tight valves. Change spark plug, or check and clean spark plug. It also could be since you have no box? That was a joke.
  6. Nice gear, but you look gay as hell in that 2nd pic bro.
  7. He knows from experience too...
  8. Just like the table is a 80 footer huh?
  9. That is NOT no 80' footer...no way in hell. Nice clip.
  10. This was posted before, it's nice.
  11. Occupation: Mortgage Planner
  12. Try checking it. Sure it's not major chain slap? Chain loosened up?
  13. Very cool, I always thought you had newer bikes for some reason though...anyways, they are all pretty cool, loving the Harley.
  14. I haven't rode for a month, and the other day I went out there, after about 3-5 laps I was back in action, and even hitting jumps with more air and distance than ever before, it will come right back to you man, don't even worry about it.