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  1. fowlercreek

    D100 results

    I believe it was Parks:thumbsup:
  2. fowlercreek

    Some Dez 100 experiences

    This was my first time to the Dez........and what a kick in the arse:applause: As for the sani-cans......holy smoke were those things fowl:eek: By Saturday night they were so full it about made you sick to just open the door let alone use them.......oh well, that's why we brought the motorhome. The rest of the event was amazing...easy sign in, weather was incredible...as we did the poker run only....the beer garden was a hit......dam was that fireweed beer goooood....... By the way......did anyone notice how fast those 1st 4 riders in the race were.........holy crap....they came around the corner heading to the pits and I didn't think a bike could go that fast and still turn:ride: Good job on the event stumpjumpers!!!!!
  3. fowlercreek

    XC-W 250 or 300 Opinions?

    I ride a 2004 250 exc and love it, i'm right around 200lbs and ride the tight/single track woods of washington. As for power no worries, lugs well thru the woods and comes on like a shot!!!!!!!! I left it stock and just put the JD jetting kit in, comes off the corners like a larger machine!