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  1. We run about 1/2 91 octain and 1/2 race gas. Solved our plug fowling problem. And 40 to 1
  2. The Pass will be for camping and day use unlike the regular pass is for day use only. Could be a large saving for poeple that go often.
  3. Go with Yamaha wr250 or wr450
  4. Till the Knobs round off!
  5. I'v noticed that most people are riding alot more Horse Power than they can control. Including Me Ha Ha
  6. Call Frank Nye at Engines only. Or go to his web site XR100.com. He knows thoes bikes.
  7. Their not going to close it for a broken leg. They don't close it when there is a death. Should be good riding this weekend with the rain friday.
  8. Should be real nice. Supposed to rain friday and should be perfect saturday. Won't be there but have fun.
  9. Talk to the Volunteer Patrol. Might be able to get you a tour of the new property.
  10. Might try a flywheel weight to calm it down a bit.
  11. You should take up Fishing and Buy a boat. You allready have the anchor!
  12. Contact Frank at Engines Only and tell him what you want to do. Frank is the best. Forget BBR. www.xr100.com
  13. I'll be there in the volunteer area for the hole weekend.
  14. I agree it's a stupid Law but the Rangers are just doing what they are gettting Paid to do. Their Job. Unfortunatly they don't get to choose the laws they want to enforce. And yes they can take your green sticker.
  15. Do not use the pro-curcuit pipe. They say it will pass sound but it doesn't and they don't back it up. Just ask the rangers at Hollister Hills. I know the FMF Q2 pipe pases. Good luck