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  1. Can anyone give me some pointers on what carbs will work to upgrade from the stock CRF150F? I've seen some that have the CR85 carb and some mention XR200 but what else needs to be done to make this work? Also, any other carbs work that I haven't mentioned? Thanks!
  2. lonestar22

    YZ85 Fork Swap......Question

    It definitely improves the suspension on the bike. It does leave a lot to be desired on the rear suspension though. The BBR Heavy Duty Spring can help the rear suspension some but the swingarm makes it taller in the back which does help quite a bit. It also makes it look really sweet which never hurts right? It definitely helps if you ride the TTR on the track any plus it's a lot of fun to do.
  3. Would anyone be able to direct me to a specific model/brand that isn't too expensive? I see that some are over $100 but some are in the $30 range. Thanks for the previous help.
  4. I'm looking to install the BBR Camshaft on my 150 which shouldn't be too difficult. My question is related to the heavy duty springs. What tools are needed and how difficult is it? I've searched and not found a post on the topic but wanted to know if anyone had any pointers or insight into it. Thanks!
  5. lonestar22

    BBR exhaust sound?

    It definitely gives it the deeper 4 stroke sound like the 250f. May not be as loud but it will sound nothing like the 2 stroke bikes. I have the D Section and it sounds really really nice. You'll love it.
  6. lonestar22

    What are your recomendations for modding my 05 ttr 125?

    The airbox mod will help some. Probably the biggest performance gain you will get on the ttr125 is to replace the exhaust with something from BBR or equivalent. I've got the BBR D-Section and it's awesome. Sounds great and much better performance. I've heard the regular BBR exhaust systems which are quite a bit cheaper are really good too. Big Gun makes one that works good as well although I think the D-Section sounds better. If you stick with the stock carb you'll need to rejet with new exhaust and airbox mod. I've got a 110 for the main which works well. Going to switch out the pilot this week for a 17.5 and see how that helps. I also am changing the front sprocket to a 14T instead of the 13T. I've heard good things. One thing to note is that if you change the front sprocket to a 14T you have to get a longer chain than the traditional 120 link. Found that out the hard way. I was one link shy of the 120 working. The suspension upgrade is very nice if you can swap out the forks from the YZ80. If you can swap out the engine on the YZ80 frame you got that would be awesome I would assume. I would look into it more if I were you. $500 is a steal on parts from the YZ80.
  7. lonestar22

    YZ80/TTR125 Rear End Conversion

    Not sure if any of you have tried this. I've seen the thread on Hart's TTR but I was hoping that someone would know if you have to switch over to the YZ80 rear tire or if you could use the stock TTR rear on the YZ swingarm. Looking to make this switch but not sure on a few things like this. Any pointers are always appreciated. Thanks
  8. lonestar22

    TTR125 vs YZ80 Plastics Swappable????

    Does anyone know if you can swap out the YZ80 fenders on the TTR125? Thnx