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    http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=706950 North of Seattle, stanwood. 350 firm klampshare AT hotmail
  2. Try supermotojunkie com. sumo set-up should be worth at least 1,000 Dollars, but a dirt set-up will cost about 500. good luck
  3. Go w/ xrr sprocket, unless you got enough cash to get everything fixed before riding season. by the time nov. teardown starts you will have a pretty long list of projects
  4. Didn't know that, I been looking for parts and saw that one. if it was under 1200, i'm sure somebody would part it out.
  5. bellingham wa craigslist # 1632481014 complete bike, $1600
  6. I attacked my tail light and a crf450 fender with a jig saw. not done yet, but i like it so far
  7. I am going to try 16T this spring. my bike is a commuter, 5mi @50mph and 30mi at 70. just wanna drop rpm on the freeway.
  8. mine worked. hard on the gas in 1st, busted up the case saver. the bolts were ok, just had to replace the saver. P.S. a 15 dollar chain is not worth 15 dollars
  9. The R and the L parts are not interchangeable. I'm not sure about the 600 parts fitting on an L.
  10. I plan on getting a fork brace this winter.
  11. I'll get pics later today. it's been on the bike about 1.5 yrs and 5k all street miles. I can't remember jetting, still kinda rich at 3/4 to full throttle. I like the ST, it is a ebay special, i welded up my own pipe.
  12. What color is the tank? i have an off white 4.7 clarke, do you want to trade? I commute on I-5 at 70mph and go 135mi. and get 4-4.2 gallons on fill-up.
  13. Shoei, also check visor replacement prices, some get crazy expensive
  14. That much time on the street means 650. where are you at in WA? have you ridden a 650?