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  1. Yoohoo

    Total rebuild after total wreck

    i haven't open the cases yet . What kind of damage do you think that i'll find? The HotRod crank is as strong as the oem ? thnks.
  2. Yoohoo

    Total rebuild after total wreck

    I have read some threads about big bore kits but i will like to know if it will be better to get different crank-rod stronger that the oem ( not that i have found anything except the oems ) .
  3. Hi , First of all sorry for any syntax or spelling mistakes on the text . My 01 wr250f brroke last week . When i open it i saw the rod stucked on the crank and the cylinder-piston wrecked:bonk: :/ .The header and all the componends of it ar Ok . The bike is second hand and they told me that the guy that ownded the bike before hadn't "treat it so well" and that is the reason that broke . So i have to change cylinder , piston kit , crank and rod ( general rebuild ) and i am in dilemma about using oem parts exclusively or make somthing different (gain more power) but without loosing a lot of reliability. The bike is supermotard. I'd like to advice me and tell me any ideas you have. Thanks .
  4. Yoohoo

    Need decals

    You may scan the old decals (or any decal u like ) and use a program like coreldraw to convert the blue surface to black and then print them at a "print shop" on a good quality decal paper. I make my decals using corel draw with the help of a picture ( They are not excelent but they aren't bad (you can't see easily the differnce between the handmade and the oem) . If you have your old decals it will be very easy to make new with different colours using a program as corel and with more precision . p.s : Sorry for any mistakes on the text.
  5. because i can find only a few models and they are expensive :/
  6. So the problem is about fiting to the subframe . Does anybody knows if with a small patent i can make it fit ? thnaks
  7. Hello , I was looking for an exhaust for my wrf 02 and I'd notice that there are separated in 01-02 and 03-05 models . I looked some pictures and i didn't see any fit difference between the 01-02 and 03-05 models . I want to know if there is any different between the 2 types or not ( fit or performance) , and if i can choose a 03-05 type . Thanks p.s Sorry for the possible mistakes on the text