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  1. SchmidtC194

    06 YZ450F won't kick over but not seized???

    Thanks I will try that...
  2. SchmidtC194

    06 YZ450F won't kick over but not seized???

    Yeah I have tried all those things... I've been talking to some buddies and we are to the conclusion that I slipped a few teeth on my cam leaving the exausht valves closed. Cause it happend when I was roll starting down a hill. Maybe put to much of a strain on timing chain causing it to slip. Hopefully easy fix....
  3. SchmidtC194

    06 YZ450F won't kick over but not seized???

    what happend to it when it overheated, and how did you fix it???
  4. I was riding my 450 for about an hour. We stopped to take a break for 10-20 mins. When I got on it to ride again I tried roll starting like I sometimes do. It fired but didn't start. When I got to the bottom of the hill I tried kick starting it and it wouldn't kick over. It was like trying to start an older 450 with out the decompression release. After standing on the kick starter it would gradually turn the engine. It never fired back up though. got it home took the plug out and it kicked over fine. So I know the motor isn't locked up. I am thinking valves, or automatic decompress. Anybody ever heard of this????????
  5. SchmidtC194

    06 450 Clutch Noise ???

    Just bought 06 YZ450f and experiancing the same noise. I checked other posts and found out that it is normal. So don't worry!
  6. SchmidtC194

    05 Wr450 Clutch Vibration

    I noticed the noise on my 06 YZ450f just after break-in. It bothered me so I searched it. Glad to know that it is normal.
  7. SchmidtC194

    New 06 LE

    I just bought the 06 YZ 450 SE and paid $6,899 but then they added all kinds of crap charges like frieght, assembly, tax, registration. Out the door was $8,000. Are these normal charges??? (I would have paid any price for this bike)