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  1. jwdub1

    Beta X-Trainer 300

    Thanks Tammie. John
  2. jwdub1

    Beta X-Trainer 300

    Which of the Hammerhead shift levers did you get, forged or CNC?
  3. jwdub1

    XT Stumbling Issues Persist!

    jeffrow68, Is your Lectron set up for oil injection? I know they're supposed to be working on one. TIA John
  4. jwdub1

    Beta X-Trainer 300

    Is the fatter needle the one that came with the bike? I'm getting close to 400 miles on my XT and am liking the light weight and slightly smaller overall size compared to my FE450 Husaberg.
  5. jwdub1

    Beta X-Trainer 300

    On my last ride of about 65 miles, I was getting 30 mpg. Mostly slower riding with an overall average of about 20 mph with elevation from 2000 - 5000 ft. Runs smooth under throttle but 4 strokes at steady speeds under about 45 mph.
  6. jwdub1

    XTrainer - What have you bolted on?

    Well for me it can make the difference between riding and walking. I figure about 20 - 25 miles. Of course, it depends upon how you ride and how the carb is set up.
  7. jwdub1

    XTrainer - What have you bolted on?

    KEEP IT STOCK, Impossible! 1" bar risers, IMS tank, Seat Concepts IMS seat, Knight Designs lower wider footpegs, 5.8 rear spring and a rear rack.
  8. Flywheels, the IMS tank is lower at the gas tap and wider at the gas cap so the radiator shrouds are spread about 1-1/2", The Seat Concepts IMS seat is wider at the nose to match the extra width of the IMS tank. I really can't tell that the tank is wider when I'm riding -- just don't notice it. I do like the extra range even if it's only about 6/10th of a gallon.
  9. Just to pile on, I recently bought the XT but I'm 6'2" and 230# ready to ride. I've put on bar risers +1", a 5.8 rear spring, IMS 2.9 gal tank, Seat Concepts IMS seat (wow what a difference), Knight Designs 7/8" lower footpegs. I've been riding big 4-strokes since the early 70's and still have a number of them in the garage. The XT is an amazing bike for the slower technical trails --- abundant controllable torque right from the bottom. I rarely get into the "pipe" such as it is. In my opinion, it's not the bike for riding any distance on a highway or long stretches of straight dirt roads. If I want to rip or have any distance to ride on roads, I'll ride my Husaberg FE450. Otherwise, the XT is lighter, easier to reach the ground if you need to, very good in the tight stuff, and has great motor. Not sure where you are in Idaho, but I'm up around McCall for 6 - 8 weeks in the summer and fall.
  10. jwdub1

    Xtrainer frame width

    It's 10 inches side to side above the carb at the top of the frame boot protectors. Mine's stored in a garage so I can't offer any other suggestions.
  11. jwdub1

    XT Stumbling and Cutting Out

    I'd also consider checking the float level and that the float hasn't absorbed fuel.
  12. jwdub1

    Scotts, xTrainer.

    Has anyone tried the Fatty Golden Tyre on the XT?
  13. jwdub1

    Show me your...BETA !

    Here's my 2016 Beta Xtrainer with Picketpost Mt., AZ in the background.
  14. Thanks for the feedback, I don't ride in the mud much these days, so it might work ok for me.
  15. I assume that the Force combo is made of aluminum. Any idea of it's weigt and the cost?