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  1. I would sell my KX500 if they had a 5 speed. I need a fifth gear for desert and the dunes.
  2. It is mainly due to the new regs. that are making the refineries produce Ultra Low Sulfur fuel. They are jacking up the diesel prices to pay for the new equipment to refine the Ultra low sulfur fuel. This comes from my brother who works for BP refinery.
  3. Cool, thanks
  4. Thanks guys, Anyone know who has the best deals on KTM's here in So Cal.
  5. I have an 04' KX500 I'll sell you. It definitely out accerlerates every bike from a rolling start, the 4 strokes hook better from a dead stop. 4 stokes also rev way higher than a big bore 2 stroke. It doesn't beat 4 strokes(450's) by much as you think,don't let anyone exaggerate.
  6. Which shop is this? I live in Long Beach and would drive there in a heartbeat to get that deal. The best locally is $6699 OTD.
  7. I currently ride an 04' KX 500. I'm in the market for a four stroke, I've narrowed it down to the YZF450, CRF450, and the KTM525 XC. I was wondering how the power is compared to my current bike. I ride mainly dunes and desert, so big power is a must. I do know that all the new bikes handle better than the KX500. Is the 525 as fast down the straights and big hill climbs?
  8. I have a KX500 and ride Glamis a lot. My buddy has a CRF 450 with an 8 paddle and the only time I can beat him is from a rolling start. The four strokes are way more tractable from a dead start. I haven't raced the YZ but I sure the power is comparable. I'm looking to possibly buy an 06' YZF so hopefully I'll find out which is faster.
  9. This is the OTD quote from LA Cyclesports. I bought my wife and daughters quads thru them. Easy no haggle deals. I'm looking at 450's so I got the quote for the YZ and CRF, same price.