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  1. JDM 00 YZF426

    New to MX - Jumping Help

    Thanks all for the help!!! Cant wait to get out this weekend to give these tips a try!
  2. JDM 00 YZF426

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  3. JDM 00 YZF426

    New to MX - Jumping Help

    Hey all, I've recently went out and got my first MX bike. I've owned plenty of sport bikes and am pretty familiar with riding, but now I need to learn some completely new techniques. I bought a 2000 YZF 426 for a great price and recently took the bike out to the local track for the day with my buddies. After a few hours on it I think I was feeling pretty comfortable on it and was beginning to attack the jumps. Hitting the jumps with speed didnt really bother me, but when I would launch I can always feel my feet coming off the pegs and me flying up above the bike. (not fun). Landings were always fine and I was able to figure out how to use the breaks to shift the bike in the air. What riding position tips would you guys have I guess for a new guy when jumping, I'd hate to do a superman into the next hill! Thanks again for your help and this forum does rock! -Jassen