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  1. abby

    OEM Style Connectors

    I like these guys: http://www.vintageconnections.com/
  2. abby

    attn western PA people...dual sport question

    I put a write-up here that explains the process: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=641970
  3. abby

    brake pads gone after 1 hour!

    You can burn through carbon pads in wet/mud (especially gritty mud) in an insanely short amount of time.
  4. abby

    Mounting Scotts damper / sub style

    I just mounted an under bar Scotts and picked up one of the Clean Speed Engineering guides. I am still running the cable up the left side, but the guide will mount either way (to the right or to the left). I think it is a perfect solution.
  5. abby

    2 stroke dual purpose

  6. abby

    Boot Question

    Sidi Crossfires are about the only boot that I have found that fit me, the calf is adjustable. I have them in size 14. My normal shoe size is also a 14, I don't think they are slim in the foot.
  7. abby

    2 stroke dual purpose

    I have an '09 300 XC-W plated in PA. http://s235.photobucket.com/albums/ee28/johnagilmore/2009%20KTM/ I plated it mainly to attend dual sport rides - Durty Dabber (PA), Baby Burr (OH), Hanging Rock (OH) and NutCracker (OH). I can also ride straight from my house rather than parking somewhere. It gets very little street time, but it is nice to be able to connect trails with stretches of road.
  8. abby

    Rock Run Survey

    Sorry you had a bad experience there. I have been there several times and have had nothing but a great time. Yes, I got the shock fixed. Unfortunately my son broke his leg 8 weeks ago at ANF, cast is coming off in a couple days. It is time for him to move up from the 50, hope to pick up a TTR 110 for him (like his sisters). I did make it to lock haven, as well as the Hanging Rock, Baby Burr and Nut Cracker in Ohio. I don't have the XR650R any more (what I wrote that article about), I have an '09 KTm 300 XC-W now (plated).
  9. abby

    Rock Run Survey

    I will be sending mine in!
  10. abby

    Shark Fin/Rotor Guard....

    These guys make one: http://store.toparracing.com/merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=TPR&Category_Code=KTMKFD Only one like that I ever found. I don't have one though.
  11. abby

    Shark Fin/Rotor Guard....

    I have the bullet proof designs, very solid.
  12. The only chest protector I have tried on that I can wear comfortably is a Fox AirFrame XL. The shoulder pads are adjustable, and with them extended all the way out it sits OK on my shoulders. I have modified moose kneepads, I dremeled the plastic right at the boot because I can't tuck plastic in my boot and close the straps and added longer velcro straps. If you look in the back of catalogues, or on the manufacturers websites they will tell you what size arms and legs the pads fit.
  13. I am 6'2", 280. 46 waist, 3X jerseys. All my gear is moose.
  14. abby

    Ripping valve stems

    Maybe you are already doing this - but don't tighten the nut on the valve stem on the outside of the rim (if you put one on) against the rim. If there is a nut on the outside, you can run it up against the valve cap. This will let the tube slip and not tear the valve stem out. But to stop the slipping, as was said, you can install a rim lock.