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  1. What school is Mike affiliated with? Did a web search and only turned up historical items.
  2. Anybody have any recommends on off road schools in Southern NV or SoCal? At the point where I need to loose bad habits and get some new good ones. being an old dude, 54, education seems a good investment, hurts too much to learn through hard knocks.
  3. Thanks to both of you, this bike belongs to a girl, the girl friend's son is hitting on. He is a Yamaha mechanic and I am trying to help him.
  4. Where are the cam timing marks on this beast?
  5. 6', but short legs. Any reccomends on lowering links?
  6. Anybody have any thoughts on lowering an 01 426? Brand names, experience, etc?
  7. I just put on a MT16 on an 01 426, 35 miles later after riding at Nelson Hills, south of Las Vegas (rocky, sandy, hard slick rock, etc typical desert) by measure I have consumed 20% of the center knobs. The tire hooks up well, but if that wear rate continues, I will be broke. Thinking about the MT450, any thoughts? Previously I was using the Maxxis Desert IT, lasts well, but a noticable difference in traction between the MT16 and it.
  8. Power vs. speed, do you understand the difference? Anybody can hall ass down a dirt road. If you are bored with the 426, challange yourself to some difficult single track. You will find the 426 has more power than you can use there. Not speed, but raw power to git up them hills. Make sure you are riding with others so when the power gets away from you and you bust your ass, there will be help near by.
  9. I was remiss in posting so late, but what a ride, the weather was perfect, no wind about 60 degrees, since I was by myself, I ended up on top of a ridge, probably 1 1/2 miles nw of the radar dome. I stopped took off my gear and sat in the sun warming my upper half. The scenery was fantastic, quite and great for being introspective. Better yet no damage to the bike or the rider, I did good.
  10. Anybody up for a ride this morning, I am thinking about N3elson Hills. Me 53, probably a C rider, not too fast, but steady. 01 YZF426F. I will check back in a few hrs to see if there are any posts. Mike
  11. I have had my 01 yz426 for a bit better than a year now no maint except change oil at the 10hr mark (about every 3 rides) used for trails only (Las Vegas area) and not wound to the rev limiter and one new spark plug, plus air filter service. I do have the service manuals, but they are based on racing use. Anybody care to comment on what should be done when? Top end, rods, swing arm lube, fork oil, wheel bearings, etc.
  12. Try turning up the idle about 1/2 turn
  13. So how long till it went away, cracked my ribs (2) about 4 wks ago in a getoff and still hurts to sneeze and sleep on the side
  14. Make sure the slide plate is installed correctly, hole goes down. I had the same issue once.
  15. I opted for a 13t with the stock 49 on an 01 yzf 426, then went to a 12t then added 12oz of flywheel weight. Yes I lost top end but gained the use of this bike in the tight technical desert stuff around Las Vegas. No real chain or swing arm wear noticable. This bike will go anywhere I have the cajones to point it.