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    Should I buy a 90's 620?

    I havent posted on here in....well, lets just say that a 98 was only 3 or 4 years old last time i was around these parts!! Anyway, I had a 98 620 a few years back. Great bike for goofing off on but it was a handfull to say the least in the trails. The left side kicker is pretty fragile so dont abuse it. And pop starting that beast in the woods isnt the easiest thing. I had some ignition trouble on mine. If i was riding hard for 20 minutes or so the ignition would over heat and cut out. I would have to wait for everything to cool down to get goin again. I know a few other guys that had similar problems too so it might be something to keep an eye out for. Unfortunatly i didnt have the bike long enough to figure out what the problem was. Some guy offered me twice what i payed for it and that orange elephant was GONE!
  2. Suzukipsycho815

    Can i get away with this???

    thanks guys, i appreciate it
  3. Suzukipsycho815

    Can i get away with this???

    hey guys, i have an 04 CR 450. The suspension was done by factory connection for the previous owner and only has 4 rides on it. I changed out the fork springs and drained the oil. I drained the damper and pumped out whatever would come out (i did not take it apart though). Do i have to bleed the damper or is it ok since it wasnt taken apart??? I hope i can avoid that since the forks are already back together