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  1. That's all I have ever run on mine, never had a problem.
  2. I know here in Australia, Caltex makes Honda's oil.
  3. I have had an RK u-ring chain on my 06 450 for over 2 years. No clearance problems, and no need for spacers. It has a clip link joiner.
  4. Ok, I'm in the wrong bike forum here, but I have the same exhaust on my CRF450. Mine is the full system. I did notice a gain in power everywhere. It is loud compared to the stocker though. The quality and fit is great, bolted up perfectly and no problems as of yet. Here's a few pic's.
  5. I recently swapped from the stock pads to Goldfren pads and ended up with a spongy brake. You could pull the lever back to the grip with no real stopping power. After spending hours trying to bleed the system, I removed the pads and removed the metal backing plates, now they are perfect. The backing plates were not perfectly flat.
  6. I do know a stock system off an 06 450R will fit an 08 450X, bolts up no worries.
  7. I had a 2-stroke, 97 CR250, but swapped it for a new 06 CRF450 plus some money.
  8. I will ride anytime it's over 70. I don't like cold weather much. Where I live in Australia, summer days are almost always over 95. Some days it gets to 110, but not a real lot of humidity. The warmer, the better.
  9. Very true. 1982=YZ250J.
  10. Done sevenel.
  12. Don't Honda own Showa?
  13. The RK "U" ring chain works great. I put one on mine at the start of the year, and have only had to adjust it twice. No need for a spacer. No wear at all on the stock sprockets.
  14. No worries, I did. All fluids had to be drained before it could be sent over from the US.
  15. This is mine, brand new, cost $25.