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  1. aussie jock

    how many aussies on here ?

    Toowoomba, QLD.
  2. aussie jock

    O Ring Chain on a 07 CRF 450R? Will it fit?

    That's all I have ever run on mine, never had a problem.
  3. aussie jock

    Transmission Oil....

    I know here in Australia, Caltex makes Honda's oil.
  4. aussie jock

    Countershaft Sprocket Came Off!! UPDATED

    I have had an RK u-ring chain on my 06 450 for over 2 years. No clearance problems, and no need for spacers. It has a clip link joiner.
  5. aussie jock

    Whatsup with this Jardine pipe?? looks sick

    Ok, I'm in the wrong bike forum here, but I have the same exhaust on my CRF450. Mine is the full system. I did notice a gain in power everywhere. It is loud compared to the stocker though. The quality and fit is great, bolted up perfectly and no problems as of yet. Here's a few pic's.
  6. aussie jock

    Every-ones Front Brake Feels Better Than Mine??

    I recently swapped from the stock pads to Goldfren pads and ended up with a spongy brake. You could pull the lever back to the grip with no real stopping power. After spending hours trying to bleed the system, I removed the pads and removed the metal backing plates, now they are perfect. The backing plates were not perfectly flat.
  7. aussie jock

    R pipe fitting on an X model?

    I do know a stock system off an 06 450R will fit an 08 450X, bolts up no worries.
  8. I had a 2-stroke, 97 CR250, but swapped it for a new 06 CRF450 plus some money.
  9. aussie jock

    90 plus degrees

    I will ride anytime it's over 70. I don't like cold weather much. Where I live in Australia, summer days are almost always over 95. Some days it gets to 110, but not a real lot of humidity. The warmer, the better.
  10. aussie jock

    Help ID'ing yamaha MXer please...

    Very true. 1982=YZ250J.
  11. aussie jock

    Help SAVE Sydney Supercross!

    Done sevenel.
  12. aussie jock

    Help SAVE Sydney Supercross!

  13. aussie jock

    Kayaba on 09 450

    Don't Honda own Showa?
  14. aussie jock

    Need Chain & Sprokets & have Questions

    The RK "U" ring chain works great. I put one on mine at the start of the year, and have only had to adjust it twice. No need for a spacer. No wear at all on the stock sprockets.
  15. aussie jock

    Show us your hot CRF

    No worries, I did. All fluids had to be drained before it could be sent over from the US.