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  1. I was at Hangtown and I was right next to her when she ate it. She took a serious digger, I didnt think she was going to get up, but she did.
  2. That was really stupid. Most of those figures are incorrect, misleading, and full of conjecture. Yes technology will improve, but its nothing to be afraid of unless your a paranoid scitz.
  3. FYI, Mammoth is not open on Saturdays Its a nice place to ride. A little small. The track is OK. Its very tight.
  4. Eric, I'm 230 lbs also and I rejoined off road late too on an 05X. Although I ended up changing my springs, I think these guys are right that you should just get use to the bike first. The stock springs werent that bad, but I bottomed a lot. Once your ready and you want to set it up better for your weight without breaking the bank just do want I did: - FACTORY CONN. SHOCK SPRING 5.9 $99.99 - FACTORY CONN. FORK SPRINGS .49 $89.99 - Fill the forks with 375 ml. - Go adjust clickers You can do all the work yourself. Rear spring is easy, heres a great tutor for forks You shouldnt really need to do any expensive rework unless you go pro...
  5. Those guys are good.
  6. Hillclimbing on a rigid? That took class and balls
  7. worst music ever....
  8. Since we are on the subject, does anyone have any common sence "how to" wheelie advise?