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  1. Will I be able to use an 07 bottom end with my 06 everything else? ie. will the 06 cylinder fit on it and will the 07 bottom end fit into my 06 frame? I know there were minor differences but I'm not sure what they were...
  2. wherermykeys

    Is that bolt right?

    OK, I just took another look at my old cam in the garage. The bolt should be bottomed out onto the cam and not touching the arm itself. Its kinda hard to explain but if you look at where the bolt screws in on the cam, that section should be raised slightly higher than the arm. I think the shim under the arm is preventing it from going all the way into the cam. Does that make sense??
  3. wherermykeys

    Is that bolt right?

    yeah, I know...I just wanted to make sure the arm was turning freely when there was no pressure on it. It should be fairly apparent if the arm is bent. don't just buy a new cam because you think its bent. take it out and have a look. those OEM cams aren't cheap.
  4. wherermykeys

    Is that bolt right?

    if you loosen up the bolt a bit, does the arm turn freely?
  5. wherermykeys

    Is that bolt right?

    That is exactly what it should look like. I should know cos I just had to buy a whole new exhaust cam cos that bolt had backed out and wound up bending the decomp arm. It should move freely though. that washer should be resting on the slightly raised section in the center of the arm allowing it to move. Not sure why yours is in a bind. Why'd you take it out? Was it not kicking over?
  6. wherermykeys

    06 Rmz 450- Locked Up-advice!

    yup, same thing happened to my friend. There are no oil passages behind that idler gear. His siezed right up and was a bitch to get out. he's a tech so he recommended putting a bunch of assembly lube behind there everytime you have it apart.
  7. wherermykeys

    Help please with cam chain tension

    Just loosen the locknut when your at TDC, back off the bolt a bit, then tighten it back up again. That bolt doesn't set the tension, it just stops the spring from moving. Once your tensioner resets itself, just tighten everything back up.
  8. wherermykeys

    FCR Humor....

    Bingo...much easier to swap some jets out than to change a whole carb. Maybe you should do some research before bashing a shop. I mean, I know dealers charge a lot but if they're charging you $80 to change the jets, then $200 isn't far off for installing an FCR. You said yourself that its not the easiest install and that people always run into snags so why would it be any different for them? Since you're going to do it yourself now, I bet it takes you more than 2 hours to install that carb from start to finish. Like from when you get it up on the stand to firing it up afterwards.
  9. wherermykeys

    2006 wheels on 2009?

    Well, in case anyone's wondering, they are interchangeable.
  10. wherermykeys

    2006 wheels on 2009?

    I'm thinking of picking up an 09 RMZ for supermoto but I don't want to have to buy new wheels and brakes for it. Does anyone know whether my wheels from my current 2006 will fit on a 2009?
  11. wherermykeys

    using FRONT tire on REAR

    Had 2 front tires on my girlfriends CRF230 with 17s. We just used two 120 width sportbike tires. No problems whatsoever with that setup. Like mindblower said, our bikes are very light and very underpowered. You will be completely fine with running a front tire on the rear. Almost everyone with smaller displacement motards run the same setup.
  12. wherermykeys

    06 Rmz 450- Locked Up-advice!

    Mine just wouldn't start once I stopped.
  13. wherermykeys

    06 Rmz 450- Locked Up-advice!

    No man, that's your hot start cable...you have an auto decompressor on your exhaust cam that pushes the valve bucket down when you kick it over. If the bolt holding that backs out like mine did, it won't open your valve and it'll be a bitch to kick over.
  14. ok, thanks guys. I guess I'll plan for them to be in spec but I'll measure them anyway just to be sure.
  15. wherermykeys

    RMZ450 installing an adler slipper, problem

    why'd you need a spacer? I have an STM in mine and it installed fine. to the OP: I'm pretty sure when I installed my STM, the instructions said to leave a part from my stock plates out. I think it was a thin metal ring/spacer thing that was the same diameter as the plates, just thinner.