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    **** Rancher shoots Baja biker; Steve Martz ****

    Was there a report as to what caliber gun it was? Was it a through wound or was the bullet lodged inside? Pretty crazy he was able to ride out of there!! Great news to hear hes doing much better too!!
  2. fishdood

    **** Rancher shoots Baja biker; Steve Martz ****

    Ya I dont ride bikes so I dont post on here. I registered a few years ago when I had a bike just so I could read some of the threads. I am not saying to supress the story at all! I am just saying that I dont blame them for not wanting to drag the SCORE name into it. I think its a terrible thing that happened and someone should be held accountable for it! I think the story should be released to local news and paper outlets as well, maybe that will get some action going on it! But I do not believe that SCORE should be held responsible for any of it.
  3. fishdood

    **** Rancher shoots Baja biker; Steve Martz ****

    Like I said I dont agree with the story being held back just I can see why SCORE would not want their name all over the story when it didnt have anything to do with one of their events. I think its awesome that Oscar was able to get a helicopter into them and major props to Oscar/Score for going out of their way to help save a life!
  4. fishdood

    **** Rancher shoots Baja biker; Steve Martz ****

    I can see where SCORE is coming from about keeping this quiet about their involvement. Put yourself in their shoes. So you have a big race coming up and you have people that are NOT on the race course and NOT prerunning for the race in an area that is not by the course. Something happens to them. Why should SCORE be responsible for every person in that area? Are they responsible to send a helicopter for every person who has a problem in Mexico? I think thats what score is trying to avoid. I am not saying this matter should be swept under the rug at all. I believe that it should be fully handled by the military who should be in charge of that area. If it is a drug farm I am sure now is not the time anyone is going to be going in there to investigate which really sucks but thats the way it is in Mexico right now. Basically I don't think anyone can say SCORE is doing something wrong on their part by not wanting a bunch of untrue stories getting out about how someone prerunning for the baja 1000 was shot on the course or something like that. I wish the best for the rider and hopefully he can get into the US and have a speedy recovery and be back out there riding!!