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  1. big bad d-biker

    Pics of your CRF250R (just pics, no questions pls)

    Here's my 07 lots of mods
  2. big bad d-biker

    Pics of your CRF250R (just pics, no questions pls)

    thanks dood, i picked it up for $3800 down in edmonton. i live up in fort mcmurray, where are you?
  3. big bad d-biker

    new purchase!

    hrmm i dunno, i think i'd rather keep the one i have haha, sorry dood. how do you know mine would work with the 08 # plate anyway? oh, and i posted more pictures of my bike in the stickey forum.
  4. big bad d-biker

    new purchase!

    thanks guys, yeah i'm definitely back to stay haha. it was 14 degrees C here yesterday, and i just woke up an hour ago to over a foot of snow in the yard....so i'm a little bummed haha. 07 kx; the rotors are oversized by braking usa. charlie c; are you wanting to trade top triple clamps, or front # plates?
  5. big bad d-biker

    new purchase!

    hey yall, i've been away from TT for a while and i gotta say, i missed it! I sold my 04 crf250r in the spring after i moved away for work and just picked up this 07, so i'm back in the game! I love it so far, the rg3 suspension is amazing! i need to respoke the back wheel though, and clean it up a bit before post more pictures. the plastics and graphics are in rough shape so i was thinking about getting this graphics kit and plastic for it. http://www.motocrossgiant.com/_p/KIT-HO262-1SDx.htm. it says it fits 08-09, but do you think it will fit the 07? i'm assuming the only thing different from 07-08 is the front # plate.
  6. my uncle was driving his 2001 foreman 400 yesterday and lost power to the back wheels. When he put it in 1st gear he heard a snap and now only the front wheels are pulling it around. The back wheels spin freely but when we spin them you can here a clicking noise. Would he have broken a universal joint or something?
  7. big bad d-biker

    crankcase splitting guide with pics!

    hey thanks, well the rebuild went perfect. i got more pictures, but i never got time to put them up yet. i just got a new job and had to move to the other side of canada for it so i had to sell the bike i'll do my best to put them up soon though.
  8. big bad d-biker

    2005 crf250r

    well you probably already figured it out by now, but the collection tube starts off in the little holders on the crankcase, then goes up along the right side of the carb. then there is a Y. the hose with the bigger opening is for the valve cover, and it runs in between the two motor mounts to the cover. the airbox tube runs right in front of the shock over to the airbox. i tried to take a pic for you but you can't really see anything without taking the seat off. hope this helps
  9. big bad d-biker

    transmission 4th gear

    the thrust washer is missing?? i doubt it just went missing. did you check to see if its just stuck to the inside of the other case half?
  10. big bad d-biker

    question about oil jet on 04.......

    does anybody else know?
  11. big bad d-biker

    question about oil jet on 04.......

    yes, i was talking about the oil nozzle. i read a post by throttlejockey on the same subject on an old thread and he said "If you're using the 04 cylinder you'll need to modify the bottom of the liner so it clears the oil squirter." i'm not sure what he means by "modify the bottom of the liner" because nothing was posted after this. any thoughts?
  12. big bad d-biker

    question about oil jet on 04.......

    well some of you may have seen my crankcase splitting guide thread on the stickey. right now i've got a problem. i got my replacement case the other day which is a used case from an 06 250. the guy who sold it said it will fit all year bikes. my bike is an 04 and i noticed that the oil jet is a bit different. will this be a problem? will i have to get an 04 case instead? thanks!
  13. big bad d-biker

    rebuilt motor, need help setting timing!!

    look down the spark plug hole or stick a pencil in there, and line the right side marks up when the piston is at top dead center. then install the cam with the lobes facing the rear of the bike. good luck!
  14. big bad d-biker

    what to buy?

    valves. lol