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  1. i bought a brand new 2005 yz 125 left over and only rode it for 2 months and the skirt of the pistion just broke off i olny had to replace the pistion it cost 300 dollors to fix it but yamaha payed $100 of it
  2. i found a sweet deal on a pro circuit works pipe but it said fit's 1996 yz125 but may fit other years,was hoping if any one knew if i could still use it for my 2005 yz 125
  3. which silencer would give the 125 the most overall power gain
  4. the bike is not leaking coolant
  5. the bike wont move in gear with out the clutch the bike was runing fine then 1 sec it just died and i am postive i ahd the right mix
  6. i was riding my yz 125 on some back roads by my house and i was in 4th gear higer in the rpms but not pined and the bike just cut out , when i tried to kick start it the kick starer wont move down like it was locked up does anyone know what it wrong?
  7. Yamaha

    how often do u guy's change the oil in ur yzf's
  8. does anyone know if suzuki or honda are going to still make there 125's next year or just how much longer you think there going drag they out
  9. im not that dumb but i wana no how many teeth i can knock off before i start losing bottom power
  10. i have a 2005 yz 125 and im not racing it this year so ill be doing mosty trail riding and alot of it will be open trails so il be toping my bike out but was wonder what size sprokets to put on my bike to help stay up w/ a few of my freind's with there dr 350's and such, but i still want the advantged of smoking them in the bottom and mid range power. i just want it to do about 70-75 mphs thanks