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  1. drzork

    Thinking About Ditching Rekluse!!??

    93, I have a Rekluse and love it. Using different "wave" springs you can set the Rekluse up so that it's biased towards the "trail" or towards the "track". I'm no expert, but it sounds like your previous owner set the clutch up to run "motocross" style (clutch doesn't engage until you start getting into the power) works fine for blasting out of corners. Doesn't work so well on trails or around town. It might also be that your "installed gap" is not correct & you need to swap out some plates. My clutch engages a half wisker above idle and gives super smooth engagement to where it feels fully engaged just above a walking pace. It also gives me plenty of engine braking at crawling speed so long as I don't lock up the back brake. I run the stock "trail" set up "out of the box" and run the Shell Rotella T (diesel motor oil). My experience with Rekluse customer service was great. I suggest you call them, explain the problem and ask for help. The installation manual (with the support # on it) are at http://rekluse.com/SuzKaw_DRZ___KLX400_191-260-103105.pdf I hope this helps.
  2. drzork

    Green Dot ride report April 21 - loops are opening up

    Hey Nick, Thanks for another really great ride. Chip & Charlie, it was nice to meet the two of you. Just listening to the two of you (they're brothers) give each other "the business" made the ride worthwhile. But it was a great ride to boot! Hopefully, we will all meet up again soon. Don
  3. drzork

    Green Dot ride Saturday April 21

    Nick, Jeff(4912) and I plan on being there. I'd kinda like to go long, but I haven't had a chance to ask Jeff. We both have Clarke 3.9s & could probably ferry some gas for smaller tanks (bring you own hose) Don
  4. drzork

    Green Dot Ride Report from April 7, 2007 w/Pictures

    Hey guys, Thanks for the great ride. That really was a great day. I was very sorry to hear about your injuries Romulo. I hope that both you and Ken are back in the saddle again very soon. Has anyone heard anything from Ken to know how he's doing? Nick, thanks for organizing the ride. Keep us posted about the next one...going a little slower & taking in the scenery sounds pretty fun. If it's a longer ride next time, I'm pretty sure that I will have gas to donate to folks with smaller tanks. I think that I only burned about a gallon to go our sixty miles. Thanks to everyone again, Don (the DRZ with the natural tank)
  5. drzork

    1st ride on a rekluse

    It will smooth out with a few miles. There is a very short break in period while the new clutch plates get used to each other. You will feel the clutch smoothing out as you ride for the first couple of times out. It also likes to be warmed up a bit, just like every other wet clutch (remember how your bike will lurch forward when you click it down into first on a cold morning?)
  6. drzork

    GPS Wiring Question

    cycoactive.com (they sell gps stuff, but are also avid off roaders) have some really good tips about gps & single cylinder bikes. Look around on their site. They've learned from lots of experience & lots of mistakes.
  7. drzork

    Need some help, this fell of my bike!

    Is it the spacer for the tool bag? Goes under the bag & keeps the inner fender from being crushed.
  8. drzork

    Ufo Tail Light W/turn Signals

    Check out this link: http://www.4strokes.com/tech/suzuki/drz400su.asp (look down the page). I went with the Radio Shack bulbs. It's a really clean install. They are very bright & blink at the correct rate (they're cheap too). Sorry, I didn't take any photos. I cut the connectors off the stock tail light and used them. Cut off one connector at a time (leave yourself enough of a tail to solder and heat shrink) match with the wire key from the UFO & you shouldn't mess it up. Like all of the mods you're going to do to your bike, take some time to think it through before you act & you'll probably be a lot happier in the long run. With the UFO do a couple of dry fits & see how it all lines up (inner fender, UFO, sub frame). You have to cut some plastic. Just figure out which you are going to cut & take your time. I fit mine on top of the sub frame (it snugs right onto the end loop). I used the two tapped lugs on the rear and zip-tied the two front sections to the frame. I cut the plastic tabs off of my inner fender; some folks cut slots in the UFO for the tabs to go through. I use the stock tool bag (bolted on) so it's all very secure (even without the inner fender tabs). Run a search here on Thumpertalk, there's a bunch of step by step threads & talk about peoples preferred methods. Have fun, it's a relatively easy mod with some nice looking, functional results.
  9. drzork

    Rekluse Question

    Sniper, try giving Rekluse tech support a call. They are really very good, just takes a little time. I had a couple of questions when I installed my clutch. They returned my calls the next day each time. (I gave them my cell # & made sure I had the phone with me until I heard from them) I have the clutch, but not the left hand brake...don't have the answer for you.
  10. drzork

    Tires: Dunlop D606

    Has anybody tried the new Kendas yet 776, 777, 778 & had a chance to compare to the Trakmasters?
  11. drzork

    waterproof boots

    I wear SIDI Discovery boots. They are waterproof, goretex liner, plus I grease them. Some folks don't think that the Discovery is heavy duty enough for Trail use, I really like them for protection. Plus, I feel like I could hike a good long ways in them if the bike ever leaves me stranded. Again, feet stay dry as long as you don't stand in water over the tops. A buddy of mine has had really good luck with goretex liners he found at Cabela's for really cheap ($9.00 or so).
  12. drzork

    Auto Clutch

    I forgot to answer your question about gearing. I've only been out once on tight trails with the Rekluse. I'm running 13/49 now. I felt like I could use a 1rst and 1/2 gear with the auto clutch. At this point I'm thinking I might put the 47 back on the rear & give that a try. I'm going out again this weekend. I think I'll stick with the 13/49 for the weekend & see if I still want to go a little higher with the gearing. One of the reminders from Rekluse and other sites I visited before purchasing, this is an auto clutch not an automatic transmission. You could leave the bike in fourth gear & ride around without shifting. The clutch would allow you to do that, but you would be slipping the clutch the whole time that you weren't traveling at a speed appropriate for 4th. I think that if you came up with a reasonable street/trail compromise gearing 13/47 14/49 something like that, you'll be fine on real tight trails. If you went bonkers with street gearing on tight trails, you would probably go through clutches on a regular basis.
  13. drzork

    Auto Clutch

    Okie 1, I'm the buddy (jeff4925) with the Rekluse. I love it. Tight trails and hill climbs are flat out amazing. You have to set the Rekluse up for the type of riding you want to do. My stall speed is just off idle. Give it throttle, start moving forward. I have engine braking right down to a stop. You can lose engine braking if you lock up the back tire for more than a moment. Just blip the throttle & engine braking is back. I can't say enough good about the Rekluse. I still have very low hours on the clutch so I can't speak from experience about longevity, but I have no reason to doubt it will last well (after doing pre-purchase research & seeing the quality of the components). Rekluse customer service was good, but requires some patience. You call & leave a message. They will call back (my experience, it was the next day, both times) they have useful information & they stand behind their product.