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  1. new to me 03 250 EXC
  2. I've got about 5 rides on a set of these and they are holding up great. I've had a couple of small get offs and one big one on the left side that pushed the peg into the ground pretty good with no damage resulting. Highly recommended for the functionality and especially the price.
  3. that's your preload adjustment yes you absolutely need to adjust that for correct sag but if the bike isn't properly sprung for your weight it won't help. If the bike is undersprung you will have to put in way too much preload to get the correct sag and you could reach spring bind before you bottom out do you have an owners manual or shop manual? even if you aren't going to mx it you should set the suspension up correctly
  4. Very clean looking, nice job. tell us more about the seat dye job
  5. Have you replaced the shock and fork springs with some designed for your weight? Stock fork springs are .38 kg/mm and shock is 9.8 kg/mm Racetech says you need .48 kg/mm and 10.2 kg/mm for 220. I would check other calculators too. They can vary quite a bit. Being 6'4" and 250 springs are always the first mod I do on a new bike. It makes a huge difference. I like Eibach springs and I'm running .47 and 11.5 on my 2001 XR400. I just got the bike so don't have alot of miles on it but so far I like the setup. I ran .49 and 12 on my 650R and it was perfect. I tend to carry about 20-30 lbs of gear depending on what kind of ride. hope this helps
  6. mine isn't hard to start, 2 or 3 kicks at most hot or cold there's something wrong with yours
  7. I think you should check your float level and the float valve's needle / seat. It sounds like it's starved for fuel.
  8. what he said thanks for answering
  9. +100000 especially when you stall it going uphill on some tight single track and there is gas pouring out of your airbox when the bike is hot and flooded I give it full throttle, pull decomp lever, 5 or so slow full kicks, let off decomp, let off throttle, find TDC, one good kick and off you go
  10. I've found these guys to be the cheapest source of OEM Honda stuff and they have great customer service.
  11. check out this site; lots of info there
  12. lots of us have had issues with the 60CSX Ram cradle not holding on to the GPS when the riding gets rough I've had it spit mine out into my lap several times. I think it happens when the mount gets older and doesn't hold the tension like when new. that's why I went with the locking Touratech mount more here;
  13. don't mean to be a buzz kill but... arguably, a helmets usefull lifespan is 5 years from manufacture date even if it sat in the box for those 5 years the idea is that the core breaks down over time and becomes less effective at absorbing an impact I'm not trying to start an argument about this. I just thought I would give you this information and you can do with it what you want. 80s helmets do look cool by the way
  14. I run CR-HI on a Scott's sub mount. I'm 6'3" and this works well for me. I stand up 80% of the time when off road. I had alot of problems getting GPSs to work well on thumpers. they don't like the vibration at all especially when you are using battery instead of hardwire. I killed 3 GPS units on my KLR. I finally shelled out the bucks for a good vibration damping mount and haven't had any issues since. I'm running a 60CSX on batteries with a Touratech mount attached with Ram mount short arm and U bolt on the handlebars.
  15. I don't see the float valve seat shown as a seperate part. maybe it's pressed in and not user replacable?? is the float valve tip rubber or brass? if it's rubber I doubt you need to replace the seat