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  1. jtb96

    Oil Overflowing?

    im in kent city, about 20 min north of grand rapids. I dont think im overfilled but could be. I am gonna change my oil tonite so i guess i will find out. Thanks
  2. jtb96

    Oil Overflowing?

    Hi everyone. Long time registered lurker with a question on my 2000 426. I know I have to check the oil warm but heres my problem. I started the bike the other day and ran it for only 10-15 seconds. I shut it off and waited prob about 1 minute. Then I went and took off the oil cap and oil just starts flowing out of the top. Lots of it until I put the cap back on. I dont think its supposed to do that! Whats wrong, crank case vent. Please help im getting my engine all dirty!!!