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  1. on of my worst happened yesterday it was like my 4th or 5th lap of the day and on the landing of a table top this girl had crashed and her bike was just laying their right on the landing. she was sitting right next to it perfectly fine but just sitting their so no one knew she was there. hit the table about 4th tapped and when i was in the air i knew their was nothing i could do. i slamed right into it flew over the bars and did a couple front flipps and slammed my head. now i have a pretty b ad cuncussion and when i crashed either the bike hit me or i follded and now my whole lower back is swolen
  2. Supercross

    overall Ricky I think nobody is better than ricky
  3. Supercross

    did anybody hear that during A1 where he said he is actually the GOAT
  4. i dont know about you guys but all i think about when i jump is what muscles im using to fly my bike like a jet
  5. probably the sweetest track ive ever seen looks like it could run its own national this season
  6. you have to be joking and if you arn't you probably should come out the the cave you've been livin in haha
  7. i was third pinned and just barly grabbed 4th to jump the whole thing on a 250f
  8. children of a metal god is insane the beginning is a really good amateur vid
  9. if ricky rode any enduro race he would dominate anybody there. he has way more talent and determination than any of those enduro or gncc people. if doug henry or pastrana can do good in one of those ricky would dominate because he is WAY better than those two
  10. how do you guys not know who bret metcalf is do you even watch motocross
  11. doin a whip at our local track
  12. Anyone see Stewart's big practice wreck in Seattle.
  13. I ride there all the time. It's a fun track.
  14. Ya, It's a real cool pic.
  15. This is mine. Some kind of japanese nock off 125cc moter. Bar kit. heaney front springs and some kind of harder back shock.