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  1. 06SXF250Ryda

    Accidental Bubba scrub

    So. Wait. Let me get this straight. You crashed on a downhill. Your bike went into the bushes. And you ran UP the hill to make sure no one hit you. Dude. Let me be the first to tell you: you are one of a few things. Crazy, Stupid, or Balzzzzy. Personally if my bike was in the woods, I would never think so run UP the hill (which is probably blind for other riders) to avoid being hit. To the bushes I go. But hey, you def. win an award! Way to be. Unless I've missed something.
  2. 06SXF250Ryda

    Never thought id post one of these but..

    It's def. hard to tell from the pictures. But, if there's a quesiton at all about your form in your mind, try doing things by the book. Crotch on gas cap. Elbows out. Head up. Inside foot out. Outside foot putting as much pressure as you can put on that peg. I also relax my knees in corners. I'm sure that's a no no, but it feels better for me. Squeezing the hell out of my shrouds never gets me through the corner any faster.
  3. 06SXF250Ryda

    Passing tricks ( how to get by)

    Well obviously that's going to work there. It's just a couple of kids. I don't think Revvvvvs are the key. To rev is to pull in your clutch, which is to not use those revs to move your bike along. Screw the scare tactics, pin it! I also am not afraid to do a little rough riding. I'm not a dirty rider by any means, but im certainly not afraid to push someone a little high if he doesn't want to be passed.
  4. 06SXF250Ryda

    Secrets to Jumping

    I've always found that if the track offers practices (Most do around here) to go to a couple and dial in your speed according to gear and throttle. Thats essentially what practices are for....practicing. And if you're going to follow someone over a jump... be sure to be WAY off to the side of them. If they crash, it's highly unlikely that they will crash in a bubble. There will probably be some side to side movement. At least I know I can't crash strait. Good luck.
  5. 06SXF250Ryda

    How's my cornering form?

    Agreed. Head needs to be up. If you have to get out of your line for some reason (Rock, rider down, etc) you'll want as much time as you can get to do so. Corners are tricky.
  6. 06SXF250Ryda

    All 250SX-F Riders---Read

    If it's melting because of the heat from your pipe, wouldnt that mean it is on the right (brake) side, not the left (shift) side? Unless you have a special 250....I'm jealous
  7. 06SXF250Ryda

    2006 KTM 250f

    I strongly recomend the KTM Two-Fiddy Thumper. Recently bought mine. Throttle rolls on smooth and has power coming out of its.....well, you know. All in all, I'm glad I ditched Honda 125's. My first ride on my KTM made my weiner shrivel...but it was worth it. Get it. Now.