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  1. OMG! potter has an insane ruler flip!!! holy cow i like how on bilkos ruler flip at crustys, his bike actually stops rotating and starts rotating the wrong way for a second.. just watch the bike when he does it.. crazy!
  2. you got it bud. thats his nickname
  3. His Name is Blake Williams hes the Australian that did the cliffhanger backflip at the Xgames. he rides a 4 stroke. and yeah he made it. its just pastranas super flip but more extended. he calls it the ruler flip
  4. haha she's probably like 15!! pervs! jk jk
  5. oh, and just to let you know, at 1:09 thats carey hart trying the backflip at x-games
  6. some of the original pics, but w/e. enjoy! oh, can u guess what my favorite trick is???
  7. sorry if this is the wrong forum but w/e... should i download mx vs. atv unleashed off of limewire or will it be a sure bet to get a virus? i only download music usually:excuseme: thanks!
  8. somebody likes paintball lol
  9. does have music
  10. its all my favorite pictures, and a pretty cool song
  11. this should be in general.... and you could pick up a nice yz125 for 1500-2500
  12. he should have been down a gear. he didnt have enough revs
  13. The reason more people are getting hurt on DB's is that there are more people riding dirtbikes...
  14. not as good as mine tho...1500 3 years ago!!