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  1. nadivan12

    '06 Xr650r

    What Can I Do To This Thing To Make It The Best Motard On The Road? What Does Uncorking Consist Of? Rims, Tires, Brakes, Exhaust, Power Up Kit What Else Is There? Oh And What Needs To Be Done To Ride On The Road? Indiana Roads, If It Matters! Any Good Links??
  2. nadivan12

    New To Super Moto

    I've Been Riding Mx For Years, I Own A Cr250r, And A Cr500r, And Now I'm Almost 30 And I Want To Get Into Super-moto. I Just Bought A Xr650r And I Want To Know What Are All The Peaks And Tweaks I Can Do To It. Also I'd Like To Know Who Or Where I Can Go To For This To Happen! I'd Appreciate Any Feedback!
  3. nadivan12

    XR650R vs. DRZ400

    I own a cr250r, and a cr500r, and now I'm intrested in the super-moto. I want to buy a xr650r and hook it up. what are all the peaks and tweaks I can do? and where can I get them?