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  1. mxcarl

    MX track needs your support.

    Hey Ds 450, new from 'bama, mostly a trail guy.... checked out Walker on my YZ250F and visited Reiter one sunday...not used to your mud....so relax, what are you, the web police. Like i said, been checking out the websites, this mxgp thing was everywhere and did a little reading.....i have seen this before back home, but never seen the opposition try and throw so much $%^& around. Just my take on it, looking at a aerial someone posted on NWMXforum...there are homes everywhere...how the #$@$^ do you expect to get past that. Driving around up into the hills, man there must be a better place than what is being looked at....good luck to you all and hope to come and kick a bunch of mud in y'alls face someday.
  2. mxcarl

    MX track needs your support.

    New mxer visiting, been reading the postings, visiting websites.....this is all really getting out of hand here. We all need some clarity.....DS 450 you need to relax and put away that keyboard. There has got to be a better way for us to get a new track than threatening to stop buying flowers from a bunch of idiots. Why has this MXGP put all their eggs in this basket....looks like pretty big country to me. My lawyer bud tells me this gravel pit contamination stuff could take a long time. The neighbors will not ever accept this, the countys got their hands tied....maybe this strode fella oughta think about looking for some place he can get into...sooner the better for all of us. Where is the best track near marysville?