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  1. AtomEdge

    $1300 later......but it runs great

    what octane are you running with that high comp piston?
  2. AtomEdge


    yeah the XR bikes are WAY heavier due to the different frame. for a first bike, the 230 WILL BE ENOUGH. it will last you a season or two, and then you can turn around and sell it for a good price and then get the 250X you'll be happier and safer this way.
  3. AtomEdge

    OMG new bike next week!

    wow im putting my 230 up for sale this week too, and im buyin a 250X. our poor little 230's sure dont like being 10 feet in the air eh;)
  4. cutting the pink wire raises the rev limiter, but without doing any other mods you wont really be making any power up there anyways
  5. AtomEdge

    Minimise VALVE Post Remedy ?

    yeah information on aftermarket suggestions and past experience would be nice. so we can get a bit of fore sight on what to do WHEN the valves deciede they've had enough.
  6. AtomEdge

    popping when giving throttle

    yeah it sounds like you might be running lean. take the spark plug out and tell us which colour it is. it should be a mild tan colour.
  7. AtomEdge

    First set back after 90 hrs

    yeah but if that valve is leaking than thats what the leakdown test is for...you'll hear air coming up and out through the intake/exaust. this is the whole point of doing a leakdown test.
  8. AtomEdge


    I believe the bike is set up for a 160 lbs rider, so a suspension set up will be in order.
  9. AtomEdge

    Another what the ?

    isn't your leg kind of in the way for that anyways? unless he has some sort of coathanger/bubble gum macgyver contraption that'll shut it off real easy....damn macgyver