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    How much life you gettin out of your plugs?

    ok...the bike shop jetted my bike from brand new dont know what they did, but it did run good for at least a month, then the probs started. So why would it do that? Maybe be it needs to go back for another jetting. I dont have a clue on jetting and stuff like that. I leave that for the pros
  2. Macca™

    How much life you gettin out of your plugs?

    I have changed my ratio to 40:1 have had 2 rides on it since, and the plug is still going yipppeeeee
  3. Macca™

    How much life you gettin out of your plugs?

    Well I have an 06 yz250 and seem to foul up after every second ride :S I have been running it at 33:1 but maybe i should run it at 40:1 ? Spark plug I have been running is the br8eg The fuel i have been running was 98 octane premium and i have been told to run it back to 95 ?? Any other ideas?
  4. Macca™

    RT 100 Carby probs :S

    Yep I just pulled the carby apart and cleaned everything, was full of crap even a little rock!!!!. Seemed cool after and all parts slid well. Took for a test ride and it managed to stick on again. I have lubed the throttle cable as well. Might need to buy a new needle dunno
  5. Macca™

    RT 100 Carby probs :S

    Hi jus recently purchased a RT 100 2002 model. Problem i got is now wen i start it up it wont idle. I have adjusted the idle screw but seems to make no difference. It will start up and idle with the choke on fine but as soon as I put the choke back in it stalls. Does anyone have the factory or "good" Settings for the mixture screw and idle settings? I jus put a new spark plug in as well and clean air filter Thanks for any info