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  1. gergis

    What did you do to your WR today?

    Forgot to post this on Saturday. What did I do to my WR today? I sailed it into a tree! Real tight section of bush and tons of roots/rocks. Low speed stuff and a tight left, trying negotiate obstacles the revs came up but somehow I got loose and couldn't get off the gas and she rocketed ahead. Happened too quick for me to bail before bouncing her off two big cedars. Duckbilled the frontfender, jammed the left fork up 2-3mm in the clamps, and mashed the right peg into the brake lever. Other than that, all okay except for the broken right ankle. Thanks to the rekluse the engine was still running (starting would have been real painful), and I rode for another hour to get back home. Lessons learned: - ride with a buddy - bring the cell phone and some ID, namely my HealthCard! Glad I wear the right gear....if I was only wearing work boots, I'd have a second knee right now. The break is clean and I'll be good in 4 weeks. Have fun, ride hard, but keep your wits about ya all the time!
  2. gergis

    Bad front brake pressure

    I had to bleed my front brake on the 02 426 yesterday, and for the life of me cannot get a nice firm feel on the lever. I too tried all the tricks I've read in this forum, but cannot get it to feel like it was. It does seem to stop as well as before though. I can't say I've been able to modulate it well enough to do a stoppie, but it will slow me down in a hurry!
  3. gergis

    Hand gaurds

    Here's one of the "brother's sister's mother's husband's friend" stories, cause it wasn't me....BUT, it is an acquaintance and a brother-in-law of my riding bud. He predominantly a trail rider, but last season got a pass at the MX track for mid-week practice as the decent riding area is almost 2 hours from his house. His buds told him to remove the handlebar end mounted guards when at the track, for the same reasons stated earlier. He didn't, and paid the price with a nasty break above his wrist. Lost a really good chunk of the season to boot.
  4. gergis

    What did you do to your WR today?

    Got my new Fox V3 Pilot helmet in the mail on Monday.....very nice. Yesterday, a pair of Enduro Engineering handguards with Yammy blue protectors/deflectors, a pair of blue SealSavers (short), and two Vee Rubber HD inner tubes showed up in the mailbox. Now if we can just lose this snow and get riding!
  5. If you want to try a cheaper method than new bars, try some bar risers. I got some from Bierdo at Dirtly.com. They are very nicely made, and come with necessary hardware (longer bolts). Check them out here http://web.mac.com/danoaks/www.dirtly.com/RISERS.html I've only installed mine, and haven't had a test ride with them yet but I'm sure they will do the trick.
  6. A high Canuck buck and lower overall vehicle prices make importing a vehicle from the States an attractive option. Also, there is a hell of a lot more selection to choose from south of the border due to the sheer numbers of bikes sold there versus here.
  7. gergis

    What did you do to your WR today?

    Installed some new stuff while waiting for the snow to melt......handlebar risers from Dirtly, Synergy fork seals, and a Rekluse Z-Pro. There's a brand new Kenda Carlsbad on the back, the valve clearance has been checked, carb cleaned and a new plug installed. A new Fox helmet is on the way too. Man, I can't wait to start riding so I can spend money on gas for a change! :-)
  8. gergis

    Why so many kicks?

    Tried the twist of the throttle to get the A/P to shoot some crushed up dinosaurs into the engine, but still no go. Took the spark plug out (who is responsible for that design abortion?!?) to check the condition, see if there is spark. The plug wasn't wet, and did have good spark, so I injected some fuel into the CC and tried to fire the beast up.....not even a hiccup. I have seen sparkplugs before that have worked outside the engine, but not in...but it sure would be a coincidence to happen now, however stranger things have happened. So I guess that will be my next first thing to try. Can't hurt to have a spare plug laying around huh? So all this is because I started lavishing attention on the be-atch. First of all I bought some Dirtly handlebar risers (nice units at a really nice price). Then I needed to replace fork seals, so I went and got Synergy seals for her. That went well and so I thought the Rekluse install would be next. I thought that I'd start her up to just to hear her run.....and you know what happened after that. I will get some fresh high test and a new spark plug tomorrow and see what happens....sure hope I get a fart from the engine to let me know I'm on the right track.
  9. gergis

    Why so many kicks?

    At least yours starts! My 02 426 will not light up at all......I've trying for about an hour with not even a fart out the exhaust. Tried a bump start down the laneway, but all that did was take some rubber off the tire! Tipped it on it's side to see if there was gas in the bowl, and there is. It looks/smells fine (high test I use for the sled/snowblower that was purchased about a month ago), so I guess I need to check for spark. When the bike is in regular use, it fires up great. Maybe sitting all winter in a heated garage has spoiled her? I drained the tank and ran the carb dry last fall. Are they just really cold-blooded? I came in to check TT to see if others were having similar issues.
  10. Told my dealer I needed some 'Yamaha Suspension Oil 01' for my forks as per my service manual. She asked if I wanted to try Ipone fork oil as some of her mechanics have suggested it is comparable and quite a lot cheaper (13 bucks versus 43!). Any thoughts/experience with the Ipone offering from anyone here? Thanks in advance Grant
  11. gergis

    Ragged Yamaha Suspension

    I was searching for stiction in my forks too, and felt the 'slight clunks' while using the same test method you described. I found the clunks to be caused by the play in the floating brake rotor. If you get someone to hold the front wheel (have them squat in front of the tire and pull it toward them after you've applied the brake), you may find the clunk is no longer there. I couldn't discern this clunk while riding, only while in the garage. My WR puts my hands to sleep so badly, that I don't feel anything after awhile :-)