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    need gearing advice for converted E to S/SM

    I have an '05 E with SM setup and my gearing is 14/39. It is good on hwy however it is virtually impossible to power wheelie in 3rd gear can only get up in 2nd. When I have the dirt wheels on with 14/47 (stock gearing) the front comes up in 3rd really easy. In the twisties 3rd gear (sm setup) does it all for me anyway. When I buy my next rear sproket I am going with a 41 I think. Other thing is that in 60kph zones the bike has to be in 4th or it labours horribly. Just my 5 cents.
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    Motard Questions.

    Where in Alberta do you live?
  3. 7 7

    Is 35 old?

    YES........very Old.
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    A-Bike MkIV - Images

    One of the most beautiful SM's I've seen!
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    DRZ400 motard chain/tire rubbing.

    Thanks very much mate.
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    DRZ400 motard chain/tire rubbing.

    I have Talon Hub with a 4.25 in Morad rim.
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    DRZ400 motard chain/tire rubbing.

    Neil how is the rim being offset going to effect the chain guard, if they offset my rim further than it already is the rear sprocket is still going to be in the same place (which is aligned correctly with front sprocket). I have been trying to find out what the offset should be because it is already offset and when I go to a wheel builder I would like to be able to tell him what it should be off set to. The bike shop (Springwood Suzuki in Brisbane, Qld) made up a few DRZ400E's with a seperate set of complete motard wheels (made by a wheel builder). My wheels are already offset approximately 5-6mm to the right and my chain is rubbing on my tyre on hard deacceleration, in a stationary position the chain is about 10-15mm away from my tyres edge. Do you by chance know what the offset should be? I appreciate all the help. Cheers
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    DRZ400 motard chain/tire rubbing.

    Has anyone installed a chain guard of any sort on their DRZ400E Motard (and been successful at stopping tyre scrub)? And does the S and the E have the same swing arm and adjusters etc?
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    DRZ400SM swingarm guide

    Does anyone know if a DRZ400SM (06-07) swingarm chain guide will directly screw/bolt on to a DRZ400E (05) swingarm without drilling new holes. If anyone has done this I would love to hear their experience and whether it stopped chain to tyre contact with a 150 tyre on, or any other reason they may have done modification. Cheers
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    DRZ400 motard chain/tire rubbing.

    I am not sure what you mean by the links? If you mean the length of the chain I am unsure how this can effect the rubbing, if the chain is adjusted to approximate tension? I am not trying to be smart just looking for a solution. Cheers
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    DRZ400 motard chain/tire rubbing.

    The front sprocket is on correctly (I just checked), thanks for the tip. Glenn, nice to hear from another motarder from OZ. When my bike was new, new wheels and chain I had no rubbing either and at a stand still the chain is well clear of the edge of the tyre by nearly 15mm. I am going to try a wheel builder this week and see what they can tell me. Hopefully there is one here on the Gold Coast. And if that fails I will spend the $60 and get the chain guide/slider from the SM version and install that.
  12. 7 7

    DRZ400 motard chain/tire rubbing.

    I am going to try and install some kind of guard, I think my reasoning is that all the factory SM bikes I have looked at whether it be KTM, Suzuki or Husky all have anti chain to tyre guards of some sort, it is "possibly" an inherant problem to Supermotos. You mentioned that on your mates S it was a direct bolt on, no new holes to be drilled, does anyone know if this will be the same for the E model?
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    DRZ400 motard chain/tire rubbing.

    That is a good point, I have never thought to check since the bike is only 1.5 years old, and it has been serviced 2 by a dealer. But new things still break and dealers will always miss stuff. I will double check to make sure. Well I just checked and there are no cracks and the swing arm has no sideways movement.
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    DRZ400 motard chain/tire rubbing.

    Thanks for taking the time to measure and respond.
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    DRZ400 motard chain/tire rubbing.

    I also agree about tyre sizes varying, however I do not believe the the 150 Distanzia is not a wide tyre compared with other 150's or 160's (which some people are able to fit without incident). I was wondering if people who use their DRZs on track days have tyre rubbing issues at the track? Is there anyone out there who has a DRZ400E converted to Motard with a 150 rear and o ring chain who uses bike on track and has no tyre rubbing issues?