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  1. Kmorris

    Looking forward to SB5800

    Thanks this all makes sense. The speedometer I suppose could be a Trail Tech unit? I'm not sure Baja Designs covers that. I see the mirrors arn't covered either. Easy stuff and maybe not too expensive considering the hassle of trucking the bike a few miles to connect my trail network. Maybe cheaper than a couple of tickets? Keith
  2. Howdy - I've a '09 CRF 450x that I'd like to plate for 2012. I live on the Olympic Peninsula and have a couple of options for a dealer to handle the inspection - if I remember the law correctly, but what I'm writing about is what; by consensus, is the best kit to look at that I would install myself? Keith
  3. Kmorris

    Is my 450x wrong for me?

    Thanks Jim - good to know. I'll feel better as I'm beating myself up this weekend. On my last trip I did have some boil over. Gotta check out the fan.
  4. Kmorris

    Is my 450x wrong for me?

    On idea I worry a bit about. I too agree once used to the 'X' it does just fine and for me is quite a workout in the really tight Pacific Northwest Washington State tight single track which I really like. I wonder about abuse. When I'm dancing between the front and rear wheel bumping off tree roots and turning hard trying to keep a smooth throttle I can't help but imagine I'm hammering a 450 at such slow speeds - hour after hour. Thus, I'm more concerned about lugging or thrashing the engine. Of course my bike only has a few hundred miles on it. However, I'm not the first to wonder if the 'x' can handle all day hot tight trails. :-)
  5. Kmorris

    Looking for North Kitsap riding buddies

    A quick thanks to the guys who responded. Looks like this is going to be a fun summer of riding. Let the fun begin. Keith
  6. Kmorris

    Senate Bill 5800

    I don't want to get shot for bringing up a shop worn subject but I have a copy of Washington State Senate Bill 5800 which from my reading seems to solve our 'let's just get legal to cross the street to the next trail problem'. I've searched the archives and cannot find reference to SB 5800 and I can't believe this is new news. The bill passed on March 4, 2011 with 96 YEAS and 0 NAYS. It seems pretty clear that on a given date a dirt bike with the proper equipment and ability to pass tests conducted by an authorized bike shops gets us plated. Sorry if this is old news. Keith
  7. Greetings - this riding season I get to play with a new bike - '09 CR450X! Anyway I live in the Hood Canal area with quite a bit of riding around including up to Sand Hill in Sequim, all the way down to Tahuya State Forest. I'm 52, and have been riding dirt bikes most of my life and am pretty comfortable riding just about anywhere. Last year I sold my XR650L so dual sport is out until I get another! Looking for riding partners for weekends up in the trails. Anyone interested let's talk... Keith
  8. Kmorris

    2007 450x pilot screw

    Just in case it's helpful. I purchased a 'D' shaped tool from Dynojet for under $5.00. It's about a inch and a half long with a small handle. I purchased this tool just to remove the fuel screw so I could replace it with a brass w/handle unit. I replaced the fuel screw and the needle without removing the carb. Logic is that with tweezers, etc. I could barely move the screw - not too sure if I ever would have got it out. Anyway the little tool is handy. Keith
  9. Kmorris

    She's dialed in - thanks

    I'd be remiss if I didn't thank the list for helping me set up my '09 bought new in '11. Stock was nice; a 65 main, brass fuel screw - 1 3/4 turns. R needle, air box and baffle removal and the engine is happy and unstressed. Er um, different bike. Woods, fast fire roads, whatever. I might be riding the best dirt bike I've ever owned. That's just too cool. Thanks all. It's taken 16 bikes to say this. Keith
  10. Kmorris

    Looking for a stock header pipe...

    Thanks - I've got to try that. I did find a pipe but I love practical physics! Keith
  11. Kmorris

    Looking for a stock header pipe...

    Howdy - I received a PM and believe I may have found on. If it doesn't work out I'll PM the other offers. Thanks! BTW- what is the cold water trick?
  12. Kmorris

    Looking for a stock header pipe...

    Howdy - I'm looking for a stock header pipe for an '09. Mine met a rock. Thanks, Keith
  13. Kmorris

    Electronic Specialties Tachometer

    Actually you're all right in my opinion. It's true, I am looking for a hand held tach for shop use as I have many bikes. It's also true a that I've never put a tach on any of my 2 or 4 stroke dirt/race bikes. I'm now just very curious, as I'm going through the pleasure of 'tuning' a new bike. So thanks for the heads up on the Trail Tech as I considered the thought. And thanks for the heads up on the timing light/tach unit. Damn, I'm really surprised how much these bikes come dial dialed in stock. I had to spend lot's of time and dollars to get my WR to just run. BTW: I'm new to this list so thanks for answering my questions... Keith
  14. Kmorris

    Electronic Specialties Tachometer

    Greetings - I've been looking for a hand held tachometer and found this: Electronic Specialties (ESI325) Item Number: ESI325 Seems to be perfect for bikes. Will report back. Keith