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  1. nava76

    Wossner piston?

    mikerides now that is a beutiful pic. The piston sure does look new.
  2. nava76

    Wossner piston?

    I have 60 hrs on it and i had my local dealership do a leakdown test. It was a little over 75%. I was just wanting to try something different and the dealership does have the oem piston in stock, they were telling me about the piston brand and it just brought up an interest to me about that brand. They weren't pushing me into buying it or anything. They were just telling me how they were made in germany and how popular it is out there in the european country.
  3. Need a top end for my bike and my local dealer is telling me about this brand called wossner. I never heard of that brand but I am told from other dealerships that they are a good product. If I do purchase this I might go with a hi-comp piston. Has anybody run a hi-comp piston on there 07 250 sx-f? ANy info will be greatly appreciated on this brand.
  4. nava76

    pics of your sx-f's

    Hey Robert Moser SWEEEEET. Definitly pimp.
  5. nava76

    pics of your sx-f's

    I will tell you this much lucky # 8, It rips. All I did was just cruise along the track just to warm it up and right away I notice a big difference in power. First kick everytime and I had no problems with it. It handles very different but in a good way. It is definitly more torquey than my 04 crf 250. Even when my 04 was brand new. I will give more details later. Have to go now.
  6. nava76

    pics of your sx-f's

    Just got it 2 wks ago. Upgrades coming soon. http://i55.photobucket.com/albums/g129/nava76/IMG_0266.jpg
  7. nava76

    Kick stand

    I'll see what I can find out, but it will have to wait until monday cause ktm offices will be closed saturday. I will try monday.
  8. nava76

    Kick stand

    If you are talking about the triangular stand I can find out for you tomorow. I work at a bike shop and we are a ktm dealer. I looked at ktm usa but they do not offer a part # for it. I will have to call them up and find out for you.
  9. nava76

    Electric start sxf

    Never heard of one out there, but who knows maybe there is.
  10. nava76


    I don't know if this is true or not but I've been told that the 4.1 w/ the mega bomb header makes a huge difference somewere around 3-4 extra horses. One of my freinds purchased the one from KTM power parts and said that there is definitly a huge gain. Many of our freinds have test rode his bike and they even said there was a huge difference. I just purchased myself an 07 250 sx-f and can't wait to ride it.
  11. nava76

    07 250 sxf skidplate

    I'm not sure though, but I also just myself an 07 250 sxf and was looking at them in my book. I can probaly give you a better answer tuesday when i get back to work. I work for a motorcycle shop in the parts dept.
  12. nava76

    Switching to Orange!!

    man i'm sorry I was not paying attention to the type of bike. I meant to say I just got myself a sx-f 250. I was at work when this happend. I had some a salesman breathing down my neck. Sorry to get your hopes up.
  13. nava76

    KTM bad power?

    Don't trust the shoot out, never trusted them
  14. nava76

    Switching to Orange!!

    Sweeeet, jus got mine and will be riding this sunday......
  15. nava76

    New KTM dealer...

    Just would like let you know that Houston Yamaha Motorsports is now a KTM dealer, so if your passing through houston tx, go check them out.