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  1. nothrottle

    XR200 roller bearing cam

    If your not going to race the bike .I would keep looking on ebay for a head. The cams do work well megas are great cams.They cost big bucks.Also look at the piston and rod and bearing . The piston pin eats into the rod if they are run low If all looks good at least new ring so it don't use oil and you end up with the same problem.One last thing clean out the oil pump the alum. from the head will make it down there NOTHROTTLE
  2. nothrottle

    crf 230 batt going dead

    Has any one had problems with the crf230 Battery going dead after sitting for 2 hours New battery if you bump start it run it for 15 min it will start all day. Let it sit for 2-3 hours it wont start with out bumping it. I have not looked at it yet I was hoping some has done gone thu this to make EZ on me thanks M NOTHROTTLE