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  1. hpt1979

    UFO Plastics UFO Plastic Kit

    Awesome graphics by Effetti Graphics Italy
  2. hpt1979

    Suzuki DR-Z400SM 2006

    After a huge modifies the DRZ400SM becomes a competitive bike
  3. hpt1979

    Suzuki DR-Z400SM (2006)


    After a huge modifies the DRZ400SM becomes a competitive bike
  4. Hi, I just bought a STM slipper clutch and not put into my DRZ yet. I just consider is the stock primary spring (120kg) suit for my weight (I'm 66kg), any recommendations?
  5. hpt1979

    Vapor tach erratic reading

    My Vapor also have problem. I used it for about half a year and it's water temp sensor always disappered. After I reset the meter it can show the water temp data until I turn switch off the key. Everytime I need to reset the meter to make the water temp number appear...... I think it won't be bad contact...... but I buy it from ebay online store, it's not easy to ship them for repair.... Anyone have try this before?
  6. hpt1979

    about Athena 434cc big bore kit

    Also before big bore I use 175 main jet and 40 slow jet with my FCR40, so what jets should I use now?
  7. hpt1979

    about Athena 434cc big bore kit

    the big bore kit said it have 12.3:1 compression, and mine is a SM model. which one gasket should I install? In Hong Kong all fuel is 98 octane.
  8. dear all, I've buy a brand new Athena 434cc big bore kit from ebay. Today just begin to install this kit and found that it provided 3 gaskets. One top and 2 bottom gasket in different thickness. I've read the instruction from Athena and it said use the one which is same layer as the stock gasket. So what use is the thin gasket? Also I found that the stock oil catch tank make me difficult to take off my FCR carb. Any after market oil catch tank is available in the market? Thank you.
  9. I wish to big bore my DRZ400SM in the coming 3 months with my 25000km bike checking. I just considering which way should I go.... 1. Bolt on big bore kit or 2. resleeve big bore kit Actually I'm not going to invest too much to my bike, so maybe I'll prefer the resleeve bit bore kit. I've search to the ebay and I found 2 bids suit my requirement. a. 440cc 12:1 with sleeve, piston, rings, gasket - USD$219 b. 453cc 13:1 with sleeve, piston, rings, gasket - USD$299 My bike already have the FCR40 with velocity, Akrapovic Evo, no aftermarket cam and CDI. I ride about 30km a day. Is it durable? Please kindly give me some opinion, thanks.
  10. hpt1979

    Big Bore Kit

    yes, live in USA is so good......... can buy many cheap things....
  11. hpt1979

    custom made elocity stacks for FCR40

    I'm now looking for a 4 piston caliper that can possible to put on my DRZ. Except the Brembo billet one and Motormaster, any other model can fit to my bike with a 310mm braking disc? Bracket is not a problem.
  12. hpt1979

    custom made elocity stacks for FCR40

    ha ha..... here's my brother's workshop. He work on movies props. I don't know it should have seal between the carb. and the velocity stack, will it affect the performance? Maybe I add a o-ring to it later. I'm running with this stack now, and it works perfect. Just a little bit dirty without an air-filter. So I need to clean the carb. very often. Now I'm using a 175 main jet, 42 slow jet:ride:
  13. hpt1979

    custom made elocity stacks for FCR40

    You know making custom parts is one of my hobby, ha ha..... I agree that sometimes better to buy one instead to make it yourself. I make 3 screws around the stack and screw it to the carb, but the stack is a bit too long, so not easy for installation.