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  1. great job!!! how do you save this article? this alone will save me so much time tinkering with my family's 'toys' tim tim
  2. Yamaha

    i'm having the same problem with my raptor 80. can you please tell me how you did the valve adjustment in a more detailed manner, the steps you did. thanks. tim
  3. try apexmotosports.com at 5.95/liter...free shipping if you buy a lot. tim
  4. i think this is a good deal. recently got myself a green stickered (very important, they are getting very scarce) '02 300mxc, put vforce3 reeds, re-jetted it, wowww, it has unbelievable power, will beat my red stickered '05 250sx...no question. tim
  5. was riding my '02 300MXC over the weekend, i had lots of fun with this bike, it's a real sreamer, had to be real careful. lost a few nuts and bolts, bought loctite the following day and made sure everything is tight. tim
  6. i agree, i have an '02 300 mxc(??old 380 head??), and it's a real monster compared to my '05 250 sx, it's real fast and real scary. tim
  7. i agree. i have both a 250sx and a 300mxc with vforce3 reeds love them both, but, when the 300 hits, it delivers unbelievable power, something i have not seen in the 250, even in the mid to top end. tim
  8. Yamaha

    battery is brand new, fully charged. i pulled out the new plug again, i noticed that there's no spark in the plug itself, but there is a spark between the tip of the plug and a metal if the tip of the plug is close enough to a metal(ground?). is there a coil? tim
  9. my '05 250 sx does not have a hit as hard as my 300, even from mid to the top. with the 300, when it hits from the mid to top, hold on ....wow, it could be from my reeds and jetting...but i never had this kind of power with the 250. i read that the '02 300 MXC had the gearing of a motocross bike but set up for a cross country????(MX-XC) tim
  10. hello, i have a KTM '05 250 SX, with VFORCE reeds, this thing is a beast...but it has a red sticker and i want to ride all year round. So i decided to buy a green stickered bike...and i got an '02 300 MXC, placed the VFORCE3 reeds, re-jetted it to NOZ I at pos2, MJ 150 and IJ 40...wowwww this thing is a killer...my '05 250 SX is very tame compared to this one...just love the power. i am 160 lbs. and i can easily spin the tires at high speed in the 5th gear. Awesome...now this is a real bike. tim
  11. Yamaha

    same old problem...just changed the spark plug with a brand new one, tried to start it, but it would not start, tried to pull again with another atv, but this time it would not even start. pulled the plug out, tried to start it...but there is no spark...any suggestions, what should i be looking for? thanks... tim
  12. Yamaha

    thanks a lot guys. i think i'll start placing a new sparker... tim
  13. Yamaha

    hello, have a 2003 atv 4 stroke, with starter, and having a hard time starting the engine..uncrewed the plug and tried to start but noticed that there is a very little spark(almost nothing) coming off the plug or the spark plug cable. pulled atv(in 2nd gear) with another atv, and it starts o.k. wondering where to look for the problem...suggestions please... tim
  14. hello, have a 2005 ktm 250 sx and i noticed an oil leak from the front sprocket. i noticed the leak after switching the trans. oil to an automatic trans. oil type F...anybody there have the same problem? or is it just time to change the seal and 'O' ring? thanks... tim
  15. thanks a lot you guys! maybe i'll rest for a while...hope my knee heals soon... so i can ride the beast again!!! tim