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  1. yz450fe

    DRZ-SM Miles to a tank (before reserve)

    I 'm running about 90 to 95 before the switch to reserve. What octane rating are you running?
  2. yz450fe

    Led Tail Lt Kit

    Any suggestions on a good LED tail/flasher kit for the 400sm.
  3. yz450fe

    TomTom GPS

    I have one and love it. It has payed for itself just in the lack of questions the wife ask about how far we have to go. Plus she can use it for shopping and keeps her out of my hair and away from the track.
  4. yz450fe

    LED Tail Light Kits

    I ride a 2006 DR-Z400sm to work everyday a have been looking around for the LED light kit. Does anyone know a good web site or location? Thanks:banghead:
  5. yz450fe

    Hanging Idle on New '07 DR-Z 400S

    My 06 has the 3X3 mod and re-jet kit and it runs great after that. And the choke is known to be a little sticky.
  6. The sick thing is that I do it to 4 bikes everytime me and wife and the kids ride. And you know who gets to do all the wrenching and cleaning is. But it is more then worth it.
  7. My wife made me buy her a bike to. Then the kids!
  8. yz450fe

    Osceola forest

    Thank you
  9. Does anyone know what the fee is to ride Osceola Forest? And do they require green stickers on the bikes? I'm in the military and just out looking for some places to ride with momma and the kids.
  10. yz450fe

    North FL Riding

    Thanks sounds like what I'm looking for. I will keep my eyes open for a field and let you know.
  11. yz450fe

    North FL Riding

    Jacksonville area
  12. yz450fe

    North FL Riding

    Does anyone have or know of a good spot to do some trail riding to include the wife and kids. Has anyone rode Lake Delancy area in Ocala Forest lately? Thanks