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  1. Madmaxz1

    Knock Off ATVs ?

    So post me some links on both you have me interested. Who makes em where can i get em from?
  2. Madmaxz1

    Knock Off ATVs ?

    I Have 2 SSR Pit Bikes a 125 E (Sons) and a 125 B2 (Mine) Im looking for a quad for my kid 200cc - 250cc hes 13 and big for his age 5'5" and weighs about 135lbs He had a Yamaha Beartracker that he used to ride all the time till it got stolen and he did great with it. Ive been working on Bikes Cars ATCs ATVs Boats GoKarts for most of my life and if i can find a Knock off quad that runs as good as the engines on my bikes do ill be happy as im sure ill be able to handle anything else that comes up. As far as im concerned id rather save a few grand and buy Brand NEW knock off for him rather then a used name brand and use what i saved towards getting the one i want. Im getting either Yamaha 4x4 Grizzly or a Honda Foreman 4x4 So far ive found 2 that i like for my son: http://www.outlawpowersports.com/ATV200_p/atv200.htm http://www.bike2go.com/product_info.php/cPath/37_57/products_id/382 Id really like to find a semi auto 200-250cc Utility Quad with racks for him but havent been able to find one that looks as decent as the 2 in the links above do.
  3. Madmaxz1

    Knock Off ATVs ?

    Well ive had nothing but good times with Knock Off pit bikes so now i want to try a knock off ATV. Has anyone had any experience with any or know anyone who has ? Looking for names, Make model and links plz. Nate at Outlaw says the SSR 250 quad is a decent machien anyone have one?
  4. Pics of the Tires plz? want a fat wide spaced knobby for the rear
  5. Madmaxz1

    Shock help needed plz

    I have an SSR 125 E and i broke the rear shock I Just got laid off a few weeks ago and having a hard time finding work so I am strapped for cash and cant afford to get a new one. Was wondering if any one had a spare they were willing to part with REAL cheap. I measured it and its 11" or 280mm. Pretty sure anything from 260mm - 280mm will do the job. Dont have alot to spend but dont see myself riding anytime soon if i cant get someone to hook me up with a good deal. Not looking for charity but sure could use a break if someone would be so kind to get me back up and rideing. I have Paypal if that helps
  6. Madmaxz1

    ssr A1, friend needs one for 800 new

    http://www.racenpaint.com/retail/product_info.php?cPath=43&products_id=167 Tell em Mike From NY sent yea
  7. Madmaxz1

    Want the Best DEAL? Look NO Further !

    LOL Love when someone calls something a PoS sight unseen. I'm no Motocrosser and i don't race but i weigh 220 Lbs and haven't had any issues of anything breaking so far. Ive been beating the piss out of this bike daily for 2+ weeks and haven't broken a thing. I ride on a friend of mines track and do everything he does on his XR 200 and his brothers CR 125 and im right there with em doing it SSR is a VERY respected bike right along with Thumpster and Pitster for your information. Show me a better equipped and better Quality bike that i can get for $1000 delivered to my door and ill never post here again and make a post stating that YOU are THE MAN. But if you cant come up with a better Deal you can STFU say sorry and disappear. Good luck !!! your gonna need it
  8. Madmaxz1

    Quieting this thing down

    only if your behind me lol.... Its copper and my muffler is crome so yea its ugly but i just have it on in my yard and take it off when i go to the trails
  9. Madmaxz1

    Quieting this thing down

    just a standard elbow fitting bud so maybe sticks out by 2 inches at the most aint pretty but less then $2 to keep the neighbors happy works for me plus i can take it off easy when im on the trails
  10. Madmaxz1

    Quieting this thing down

    i used copper elbow 1and 1/4 inch and directed it to the ground and then asked the neighbors if that was better . They said yea and thanked me. I dont think PVC would hold up to the heat
  11. Madmaxz1

    pit bikes

    http://www.racenpaint.com/retail/product_info.php?cPath=43&products_id=232 I got one a few weeks ago and i love it. Great customer Service and the bike is rock solid. My only Complaints are the rear shock is way to stiff , the kick stater is to long and hits my leg and the throtle has alot of slop in it. All easy to take care of though and wont cost much to replce with bette suited parts. I posted what im replacing on Ebay to offset the cost
  12. Madmaxz1

    Want the Best DEAL? Look NO Further !

    Quote: Originally Posted by Madmaxz1 Dont know why u feel this is spam if i cut and paste cause i cut and paste to another forum is it wrong to do or something? maybe because your going around to different forums trying to advertise this bike for some reason and your not even a paid advertisor people pay big bucks to advertise on forums, and ur not one of them __________________ 2005 Kx250F Pitster Pro X2 Ok but im a satisfied customer and am exersizing my freedom of speech rights and feel its the least I can do to show my thanks and appreciation. Opinions are like Buttholes .... everyone has one
  13. Madmaxz1

    Quieting this thing down

    use some elbow pipe from the local plumbing supply store and point it to the ground. use 2screws to fasten it on to the outlet ....Works like a charm
  14. Madmaxz1

    Want the Best DEAL? Look NO Further !

    Jet - X Maybe its because that was alot to type and i am a member of both forums just like you appear to be? I was pretty devastated and figured it was gonna be my loss and came out of this mess smelling like a rose and want people to know what this guy did for me !!! Ive gotten some Bum Deals in the past dealing with buying stuff unseen over the internet and have it damaged or lost while it was shipped or sapposedly shipped and feel its the least i can do to let others know about Race N Paint and what they did for me. I will be posting more on the bike as i get some hours in on it and let people know my opinion on both the good and the bad Dont know why u feel this is spam if i cut and paste cause i cut and paste to another forum is it wrong to do or something? Feel free to look at all my posts so far and u will find that ive done the same cut and paste with all of them to get as much info as i can
  15. Race N Paint has what your looking for !!! The SSR 125 D http://www.racenpaint.com/retail/product_info.php?cPath=43&products_id=232 I been reading and searching for close to a month for the best deal for $1000 and this is the one I came up with. I ordered the bike a few weeks ago and got it in 5 days (cali to NY) and when the Trucking Company delivered it I was devastated because it was in bad shape !!! I was going to Refuse it cause it was that BAD but instead I called Race n Paint and Pete (owner) told me don't worry about it he will Ship my replacement parts Via 2 day FEDEX The Bike was on its side and the box was open ( top and bottom) the front rim was loose inside the box and looked like it (the front rim) was hit by a fork lift but the rest of the bike looked ok from what i could see of it. Well it turns out I didn't see alot of damage because when i got it out and unwrapped it i found that the Mangled Front rim with broken spokes that the Truckers threw back in the box had done alot of damage !!! the carnage is as follows : 1) Torn Seat 2) Scratched Plastics 3) Petcock torn from Fuel Tank 4) Missing Fuel cap 5) Bent foot Peg 6) Broken front brake lever 7) Missing front fender and # plate 8) Missing Air Filter 9) Missing Graphics 10) Skid Plate had Scratches All i saw when i 1st looked was the Mangled front rim and the scratched skid plate and had no idea the extent of the damage till the truck was long gone !!! I figured i made a big mistake and was gonna have to eat it and suffer a big loss !!! That is till i called Race and Paint again and Filled them in on the Carnage !!! Pete the Owner is one hell of MAN he stopped me telling him all the damage and said DON'T WORRY just make a list and call me back and he will 2 day FedEx me all the parts NO PROBLEM !!! True to his word 2 days later the parts arrived !!! Not only did he replace all the parts on the list he threw in another set of plastics and Graphics !!! and sent upgraded foot pegs too. Now if that isn't THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE MONEY CAN BUY i don't know what is Now my opinion on the bike and a little info about me; I'm 39 and I'm 5' 9" and weigh about 220 Lbs and have been riding bikes most of my life both Off Road and on the Street (YZ, CR and Harley) and gotta say I'm Totally Impressed with this Bike. I'm not a racer or a pro by any means but I do like to ride em like i stole em if u get my drift. This bike definitely exceeded my expectations by far !!! It runs Like a RAPED APE and is Rock Solid. Ive only had it for a short time but have had ZERO issues. The only things i don't like are pretty much what has been said by others many times over .... The rear shock is to STIFF and the twist Throttle has alot of slop and needs replaced with a better one other than that I'm 110% satisfied with it and am BEYOND SPEECHLESS when it comes to RACE N PAINT and the way they took care of me. Thanks RACE N PAINT ( Pete ) FOR EVERYTHING ELSE THERES MASTER CARD