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  1. westycat

    Serious Problems in AF Canyon!

    wow this is some disappointing and scary news. I"m moving closer to AF canyon and anticipated ridding it more often. I'm still unfamiliar with alot of the single track up there. If any of you guys are looking for peps to ride with let me know, I'd like to get more familiar with the trails up there. I'm willing to help keep the trails free of traps and such also.....we don't need to be reading about our fellow riders getting hurt by these traps on the forums or in the news....
  2. westycat

    2007 Triumph Scrambler.

    not sure how nibble they are, i always wanted one for a commuter.....love the retro bikes.
  3. westycat

    BBR 110 Are they worth the money

    If you got that kind of money and want a high quality bike, check out www.vincoracing.com. or drop me a PM.
  4. westycat

    Best GPS?

    Rhino's........ The features are great for any backcountry activity. The locate feature comes in handy when you and your buddies get split up or lost.
  5. westycat

    CRF45R Super Moto Conversion

  6. westycat

    No more 450's in 2009 ??

    They are not directly related. I guess i didn't explain my thoughts clearly......i'm just looking at something from an engineers stand point...if we're going to have 350's in two years, lets test the unit with efi and the correct displacement, instead of somthing that will be phased out.
  7. westycat

    No more 450's in 2009 ??

    I didn't read all 15 pages so this might of been mentioned, but why would the big companies invest time and money into developing a EFI unit like shown off at the Japan Nationals, if they are just going to scratch the 450 all together? Anyone else have this same thought?
  8. westycat

    Lets ride in Baja

    Man that sounds like so much fun, i just can't make it work this short of notice.....maybe next year?
  9. Pelican Cases are great. Do a google search, you'll find tons of places that sell them at great prices.
  10. westycat

    Utah Riders: Cool Mountain Ride

    M.L.S, thanx for the pics....I wish it was easier to register/plate a bike in this state......lots of B.S. to go through....I can't wait to hook up with some of you guys and ride.
  11. westycat

    Utah Riders: Cool Mountain Ride

    Did anyone get together and ride? How was it? Any Pics? I hope to get my bike plated(registered) this week so I can join the group for a ride.
  12. westycat

    NoFear Website!?

    You can go to www.nofear.com , then to the online store, motocross , helmets and buy it there.
  13. westycat

    Need a new backpack, any suggestions?

    Buy OGIO. They design these bags for ridders and they are ridders themselves. We are one of thier larger dealers in Utah and they are great guys to work with. I personaly ride with the flight vest, and this fall a new version - Flack Jacket- will be available in Sept. Please buy products from people that help our sport, not from people that shut down our ridding areas(REI).
  14. westycat

    Beaver Raceway Utah Track Opens This Weekend

    A hare scramble or a hare and hound scramble would be alot of fun. Are there any comming up this fall?
  15. westycat

    Colorado 500

    is there a website with more info?