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  1. jb14

    why quads

    This is a great thread! I am a responsible rider who prefers quads to bikes. I believe that the majority of dirt bikers would crap their pants if they had to take a 70ft double on a quad. If you bike guys are so good, try it.
  2. jb14

    Warrior 350

    If you have not already, change the sprockets. Have a reputable fellow put it on a dyno to make sure the jetting is perfect.
  3. jb14

    switch from 4 wheels to 2

    Why did you swich from 4 to 2? I have a yfz450 4 wheeler and all my buds have bikes. They all give me about it but, are impressed with how aggressive I can ride it on the motocross track. I can ride a bike, "OK" , but feel more comfortable on the quad. My problem is, only 1 place to ride. All the tracks my buddies go to only allow bikes. Give us a brake. Some of these tracks could use a couple of quads to smooth down multiple ruts. We can also respect dirt bike lines, and avoid them. What say you?
  4. jb14

    Bombardier Outlander 800

    Anyone have a new Outlander 800? I got mine about 6 months ago. I have raced piped out yfz's, raptor's, and ds650's and won. In two wheel drive it was close and sometimes I lost. But in four wheel drive, this machine rocketed away from the others in sand/dirt mix. This machine is the perfect blend of sport and recreation. But who cares how much the racks hold, it halls .
  5. jb14

    Yamaha Exploded Swingarm

    I have a 2004 yfz450 with stock rear shock and swingarm with a +4 Durablue axle. I have maybe 50 motocross laps on this machine and have had several tough landings. Last week I landed side ways two times before loading the machine up with no signs of problems. After loading it up the other day I had it tied down on the trailer, got to my buddies house and noticed that the tie downs had loosened up. When I went to snug the tie down I noticed several huge cracks on the top of the swing arm with cracks going down to were the shock linkage mounts. Is this pretty common? What replacement swingarms would be good on a budget? Should I get one with the axle housing already installed or is it easy to punch out the original and use it? JB14