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  1. nope slide stayed in i had the throttle cover off and the float bowl to clean everything and change the throttle cables.
  2. steady throttle. it stays running all through the throttle range but anything over 1/3 blows flames :S and backfires.
  3. anybody plassssse!!!
  4. Thanks!!!! so ok i checked the valves and the intake had tightened up so i reshimed and measured both the intake and exhaust valves till they were back in spec. it now starts right up but from about 1/3 throttle to WOT it cuts out and will occasionally blow a hugh blue flame. i have tried the needle clip from the middle to the two above that and have also tried changing the main jet from 172, 175, and 178 nothing seemed to really make much of a difference. it does feel grrrreat upto 1/3 though lots of power. anymore help would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance
  5. yea it started before the crank was put in and i didn't change the shims or anything because they were a little on the loose side and it was running fine before
  6. ok the bike won't kick start but it will push start. right off, the bike feels good 0-1/3 throttle but after that everything goes bad. it cuts out, won't accelerate and no power. also when i try to kick start it the header and mid pipe both get hot. it has stock jetting except for the 172 main. it has a DRD exhaust, yoshi cam, hot rods stroker crank. i'm in central illinois and its about 80 degrees any help would be great
  7. i just got my engine back from Yoshi and won't start i've checked the timing and its perfect and i checked the plug its good fuel is getting to the carb and it squirts when i tweist the throttle. any other advice its about 20-30 here fairly cold thanks
  8. thanks awesome looking black frame. how hard is that to get street legal
  9. Here's my 2005 CRF 250 Pro Action Suspension Revalved, Resprung, Dr.D pipe twin power filter kit, POwer now. just waiting on the head to get back from Yoshi with a Yoshi Cam and CP piston. what i looked like when i bought it slowly redoing it http://i275.photobucket.com/albums/jj294/hondafmf/Rebuild12-26-07001.jpg http://i275.photobucket.com/albums/jj294/hondafmf/morerebuild1-8-08006.jpg http://i275.photobucket.com/albums/jj294/hondafmf/morerebuild1-8-08001.jpg
  10. what would your recomindations be for a 2005 CRF 250 full Dr.D system power now, port, polished head 13.5:1 piston, twin air air filter, Twin air backfire screen remover, and boyseen quick shot. i also run 110 race gas. i'm below 1000 ft probably about 300 and the temp normally is anbout 80 in the. every thing is new i havent even had a chance to run the new engine yet and the exhaust has been repacked with running yet also. thanks alot
  11. i've got a 2005 crf250r with and Devol suspension set for my weight twin air power filter kit, power now, Full DR.D pipe, boyseen quick shot asv levers renthal twinwall bars and on the way for X-mas a Yoshi. port and polished head, cam, CPpiston . i can ride it 100% currently anything else i can do to make it faster besides practice practice practice
  12. i was thinking of getting an Arai helmet are they as good as the dealers say they are thanks
  13. anybody know the diameter of 88 cr 125 forks?
  14. ok thanks
  15. what year of kx pipe would i use on a 2002 cr 125 thanks