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  1. arod2000

    How much Fork Oil 2007 WR250F?

    You'll need two liters on hand and will use most of each.
  2. arod2000

    Smart performance 07 Wr250f review

    People do have their expectations now. BTW, Luke is a tad bit of a liar. He's not on a 250, he's on a 290. Which is the worlds best bike in our not-so-humble opinions. Luke, if we can hook up in December and ride it would be good for both of us to learn about our bikes. I'd even let you borrow my triple clamps if you want to make your own. I will be damn impressed if you make your own. Hell, everyone on the internet will be!
  3. arod2000

    Getting the WR250F to handle

    Strongly agreed.
  4. arod2000

    wr250f heads

    That's ^ a bad response. I have an '09 that has a 290 kit, ported, hot cams, dry to wet sump mod. It's amazingly strong all through the power. l do change the oil after ever race and I only race that bike, no practice or trail riding on it. I don't know about other years.
  5. arod2000

    Big guys on the wr250...where are you?

    FMF powerbomb header + any FMF can.
  6. arod2000

    Big guys on the wr250...where are you?

    Get the gytr bar mounts so you can put the bars in a forward mount position. Also, the Fastway footpegs in the low position help. I'm 6'3", have those items and the bike fits me fine.
  7. Just came back across this thread. Ready for the report??? .... Six races into the new season and I have five wins in Vet B I've raced it in NC, SC, FL and AL. From the mountains to the sand to the clay, this bike has the right power for everything I need. Best bike I have ever owned hands down. It is a great race machine. We haven't had any mud races yet but I can't wait to try it in the mud. I've heard they're good in mud and after reading rrussell's report I want rain!!!
  8. arod2000

    GYTR clutch question

    I have the gytr setup in my '09 wr290 and it has approx 40hrs on it, almost all from racing. No signs of wear. I'm also very impressed with the tight tolerance between the plates and the basket. It's an odd thing to notice but it fits much tighter than clutch baskets on other bikes I've had.
  9. arod2000

    front forks leaking?

    Did you clean the seals out with a thin film first? 90% of the time that will correct the issue.
  10. arod2000

    I need ideas

    Hang a disco ball in there.
  11. arod2000

    metal + motocross

    They tried to do the RedBull MetalliCross in Atlanta innnnnn.....2008, I think. And it too was canceled due to environmental concerns of lead in the dirt being turned into dust and being inhaled. Makes no sense to me as "lead dust" isn't a commonly known hazard, probably because lead and dust aren't synonymous. I digress. The moral of the story is that putting on a unique and fresh event is very challenging and difficult to pull off.
  12. arod2000

    08 Swingarm on 09

    I doubt anyone here knows for sure as that's a pretty unique question. I'm with RR, try it and see. I would guess that it would work just fine. May have to adjust the blocks a little.
  13. Thanks for posting this. Does anyone know why SETRA isn't listed? SETRA is AMA HS and Enduro here in the southeast.
  14. Picked up the wr290 this week and doing my first race on it this weekend. I've been on smokers for the last three years so it will be a change. Can't wait!
  15. arod2000

    2011 310??

    Dave, hope that ankle is healing well! I posted a similar question over on Cafe Husky and George from Uptite responded the day after the dealers meeting regarding the availability. The TE310 will be arriving in the US in December. I think this is going to be a hot bike for enduro riders. (If you get one I want to ride it!)