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  1. great thanks alot guys... I had a ex mechanic drive it today.. and he said it rips. I'm not so worried aboutthe main now.. and the pilot is close. I'm gonna mess with it and tweak it.. and when ,, and I'm sure the wil be a when I pull the carb for something else I'll put the 38 in it to get it perfect.. though the mech said it was good and very usable. I appreciate all the responses and am happy i bought allthe stuff you guys kinda talk me into.. the bike really is alot of fun.
  2. Alright! thanks for responses... ok noble.. yeah.. the FC doesn't have markings to tell what its at so you got to kinda go with it. Thanks for the explanation of a backfire that's exactly what I needed. RR yeah.. it actually did backfire a couple times at one setting.. but just that once.. I think it was lean or.. maybe because I was opening and closing the throttle about 1/2 behind a car for a couple miles.. kinda testing the off throttle response. I do have some popping.. but i seems fainter and less consistent than it did before I 3x3 and now trying to dial in with fc. I did gut the e airboot and got the 54mm fc, fcr, yosh,, and now im trying to do the 3x3 after someone else put the carb in and tuned it..(but I put the jets inthe carb so I know they are a 160 and 45? emn per burned) Today I have been riding it and messing.. trying to figure out where each one makes a diffrent in when I'm riding. a few times i did get it right with the pilot. Just like I think Neil says.. it was.. like hly shit.. the front end comes up! and the bike went from nothing in 2nd.. to I can roll it right and get it to come up at 30 and ride it out. But then it got tweaked. and can't get it quite right... I tried tuning it with directions.. and it seems like its within parameters.. but I can't seem to get a higher or lower or better sounding idle unless i screw it in so no air. I haven't tried revng the engine a little between adjustments and seeing how it revs. so I'll try that and see if it corresponds to the wheelies.. I'm worried about it being lean... if the other jetting is right is there problem leaning the main that much? thanks for the help t
  3. I've got 06 drz s w, trs ti exhaust, 3x3mod, and fcr mx. the jets are 160 main, 45 pilot, emn needle per burned instuctions What are settings out there for the flowcommander with these mods? Most of the people seem to have a big bore kit and diffrent needles.. anyone dial one in with my mods? I think I got it running.. but worried its lean..How can I tell? Also I imagine a backfire is too much gas, correct? thanks DG
  4. well at least you helped me with calling the part a flowcommander.. I think I called it a flowmaster and I'm the one that owns it.. are the indicators of a rich condition a backfire occasionally? unfortuenatly the search feature hasn't worked the odd times i keep trying. t
  5. alright.. I made a 3x3 exactly and took the bike for a spin. this is what I noticed.. It seems to be louder.. kinda with a harder thump probably just hearing through the larger hole i imagine. I don't seem to have the same characteristic pops at at decel.. they are there.. it seems that there not as loud and pronounced. the bike seems to spin faster.. but not with necessarily the same hit as before in the mid range.. maybe because there is more in the bottom.. 1st gear wheelies are easier to roll up and more controllable.. and 2nd was able to come up at the right speed where as before it wouldn't . IF I have a closed throttle and whack it at least 1/2 throttle it has a clunk hit.. kinda feel surge.. than spin its diffrent than before when it wouldn't bog but would just kinda thump to life (rode similar to a f650gs). But the big thing I noticed is it had colored my pipe darker with a reddish hue on the header from a 10 minute spin at low med and high speed. and definetly moved the silver blue up 5-6 inches. Also my coolant res overflow has some.. not muc but some coolant in it.. and I've run it in hotter temps. I"M Worried that its lean.. and running to hot. IS it? From the way its running is it right or should I adjust something? I have a flowmaster so the air circuits are adjustable from outside,, i've read the instructions.. but never had to mess with it. Should I be messing with that first on the main side to see if it can get more gas that way? Does someone have a good link to a carb instructional? I feel like I'm asking way too many ?s here Thanks guys.. oh yeah.. if you want a pic of the pipe being darkended red.. not shiny happy red looking either I'll toss it up edit: I've since ridden the bike two or three times adjusting the flowcommander(pilot and main airt jet) the bike's settings before were 3 7/8 turn out pilot and 3 5/8 turn out main .. since at 3 pilot 1 1/2 main i got little stumble hesitation low on off throttle and after riding for 1/4 mile up hill in 4th at 50-60.. I slowed for a couple hundred feet and started to get real backfire two or three times then it died.... I adjusted the pilot to 3 1/2 and main to 2 1/8 out .. it seems to run good off idle when I crack it.. but it doesn't have the nasty pull it seemed to have after the 3x3 but before richening the flowmstr up at all.. am I on the right track.. I'm worried about leaning the main and ruining my bike. How do I know its lean ? will it just not produce enough power? Cut out? Thanks for the help t
  6. Great!! thanks for the help guys.. I'm going to cut a 3x3 with everything in place in the morning.. I have a feeling the bike will run alot better and I won't need to adjust a thing. Thanks Eddie.. unfortuenatley in most of the posts ive read especiall in the master 3x3 mod post.. it says to cut atleast.. but then doesn't mention all your helpful information and guiding wisdom can get thrown out the window. It would be helpful if everybody was admant about a standard size hole that gave the best performance.. which leads to my next question. IT says in that same post that your bike doesn't hae the cover.. because the more air the question is wouldn't a size hole 3-4"x3-4" be the biggest needed because the airfilter hole isn't much bigger? I'm trying to remember if that's about how big the hole was in the boot. I guess I"m driving at.. with the mods I've got.. should I bother with a bigger hole than 3x3 because of some performance advantage? Or is it something I should wait till its time for the e gasket and cams then rejet it all at once? or is making a bigger than a 3x3 even worth anything? sorry for a ll the ?s this sounds like a newbie ? but what are you guys cutting it with.. I have dremel, rzr, saw, prob whatever... but before I mess it up.. i know plastic can kinda crack when you cut it.. so is there a best tool for the job
  7. well if I search some people are saying to make sure you cut atleast a 3 1/2 by 3 1/2. I just want to do this right.. so according to you burned.. I need to cut exactly a 3x3 or close to? good thing .. I was just about to cut.
  8. yeah I bought a 160 and put it in the carb and placed emn needle at 3.. someone else put it in and tuned it.. the jets should be right.. but they could of been changed if the bike didn't run right with new pipe carb but no 3x3?I can't get ahold of them anymore or else I would just call.. If I just take the side air box cover off and run the bike.. will that give me and indication of how its going to run with the 3x3.. and is it safe to try?. I think the bike is a little rich now.. so is it out of the question that I'll be right on with the mod? Ps. i'm hesitant to take the carb off just to check the position and jets If i don't have to.. the reason is I needed the help getting hte carb in before.
  9. what will it change? the needle position? I put the needle emn into the carb at the proper notch.. then a mechanic(questionable) put the carb in and tuned it(?) when I wasn't there. .. .. to get my bike running.. do you think he changed that stuff..? I'm asking because this bike is my main source of transp right now(long story) and I need to make sure I got all the parts and tools at the house before I take my bike back apart. So if I cut the 3x3.. should I take my bike apart just to check the position of the needle??... or just do it and see how it runs. I have a flowmaster for air circuits so I don't think I need to take out the carb to adjust air jets, Burned says fuel screw isn't involved.. i have the right needle.. so the only reason to take it out I can see is the position, right? I"m sorry for being such a novice but i'm learning so I can do it myself and help others to. I appreaciate the help DG
  10. ok thats what I thought.. I'm going to do the mod today then.. fuel screw or position are the only thing to mess with correct?
  11. I have the 160 main jet with emn needle.. in the instructions it doesn't say with or without 3x3.
  12. I imagine everyone is riding in the rain with there 3x3 mod.. but i'm trying to make sure. Also the jet needle is per burned with the pipe.. so i think its a little rich now.. will that probably even out? or is that the fuel screw.. or needle (maybe position? but the needle was the one to order per burned)? thanks for the help dg
  13. I already have installed and running fine.. fcr-mx w/ needles and jetting set per burned's instructions. I have a flowmaster instead of air needles, yoshi trs ti... I have NOT done the 3x3... my ?s is Can I ride in the rain with out a problem? I've seen on the boards that theres a 3x3, 4x2 .. what's the best shape to cut? Also my bike runs great but probably needs the fuel screw tweaked leaner.. if I do the 3x3 mod .. Will I need to adjust anthing on the carb besides maybe the fuel screw? and Is it worth it to do all this? so far it has but.. I got a ask. THanks t
  14. Thank you.. I think that explains everything.. its not lean.. its a little rich! I found fuel screw.. damn.. I need a new screwdriver to get at that thing . Thanks tw
  15. THank you Kalabala, Neil, dhbiker517, and BAssman!! The picture definetly makes me feel better. thanks for the tip bassman.. would turning in the screw lean the mixture more? I'm sorry I don't understand my carb that well.. If someone has a link that shows pictures or diags of an fcr.. or a carb in general I would understand completely . I understand what a fuel screw does.. by learning on a blaster but haven't had to tune this bike till now ,first hundred miles Also, would backfire on decel indicate a rich mixture? Thanks alot guys. deadgame