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    Oil in Airbox

    the bike runs fine, feels like alot of compression on the first kick, but after that you can't tell because the decompression valve kicks in. no i am not over filling it. i thought it might be the piston rings but right now i am will to try anthing that is cheaper that $250.00 right now i have $20.00 in the seals. i hate to tear this bike down right now since i am planning on tearing it down over the winter to put new crank and bearings in and new top end. i don't want to have to put alot into it right now just to be able to ride it for a month or so, maybe the guy that originally posted this topic may have put his rings in wrong or something to that effect. but mine has been running for 3-4 months then sat for two weeks i went to go ride next thing i know i have oil all over my swing arms, don't know if it was from me going down and the bike laying on its side and running may have damaged the rings or something else internal. thank you for your comments on this topic, hope the guy who posted about the oils seals no big deal posts back.