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  1. I would mind the plastic type,because i won't be doing alot of highway riding. Just want to eliminate the hassle from the law if i don't have aleast 1 mirror!
  2. Just finished putting the Trick dual sport kit on my 05 EXC 450 but i need a mirror.Who makes the best one that will fold out of the way? Dennis kirk sells a ufo mirror for a 7/8 bar,will this fit my magura bar?I need it by the weekend ,so fast shipping to NY is important!Thanks
  3. That's good to hear that you will give a refund if not satisfied!! Do you offer any discounts for Thumper talk members?
  4. I am seriously considering ordering the JD-kit.For all the riders that have the kit will i notice a performace gain?Thanks.
  5. I live in central Ny near Utica and my elavation is about 1300ft.
  6. I have a 2005 exc 450 and the bike runs great!I have read that re-jetting can make a big differance?The JD jetkit seems to be a option,but for 80$ you dont get that much?Can a improvement be noticed with simple jet changes with fuel screw adjustments?The bike does run great,but if their is performance to be gained with jetting i am all for it!Thanks.
  7. does anyone have a part # for the KTM hardparts fuel screw?Thanks.
  8. I am looking to get a fuel screw adjustor for my 05 EXC 450,who makes the best one?I have heard that the Zip-Ty ones have a tendency to fall out?Is the Pro Circuit adjustor any better,its made out of a different material.Thanks.
  9. I have a 05 exc 450 and i was wondering if the aftermarket slip-on's are much better than the stock setup?So far i am pleased with the performance of the stock one,but is their more HP available or just a little weight savings?Thanks!
  10. Does anyone have any pics of a newer KTM with the white plastic?
  11. I went to your sight,but i didn't see anything on fixing this issue?Thanks.
  12. I ordered a set of the ktm one's that are made by cyra.My dealer ordered the supermoto guards but he said they would fit because the offroad part # brought him to this guard on the computer.Needless to say they don't fit!! The inner bar clamp is way too small for the magura offroad bars,so i gotta take them back.I have used the acerbis rally pros before,but will they fit?Any suggestions?I have a 05 exc 450,thanks.
  13. I just bought a new 05 EXC 450 a few weeks ago and i have the same problem.One thing that i noticed was that i goes in neutral easy if you shut the bike off.If i know that i am going to stop for a few minutes,i just put it in neutral when its off.Not a solution to the problem but just a helpfull tip!
  14. I have a 05 EXC 450 that i bought a few weeks ago,and i have a slight drip out of the weep hole on the left side of the engine under the waterpump cover.Could the waterpump seal be leaking causing this problem?If i ride for a few hrs. you can see a spot from the drippping.Thanks.
  15. I tried that with mine and i could barely get the rim to move!I ended up ordering a new rim.Hated to spend the $$ on a new one but better safe than sorry.