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  1. Could be several things, maybe your cam is out of time or your carb is pluged. Try cleaning your carb, sounds like you put a main jet in that is cloged or have a clog in the main jet needle jet circut. Id start with the carb first, dissamble it completly, get some carb cleaner, I use the spray kind, and spray all passages, let them soak and then blow them clear with compressed air. Do the same with all jets and when assembling make sure you dont get any crud in anything. After your sure you have it spotless try it again, if it still falls flat then I would say your cam is a tooth off. Good luck.
  2. You could use a cutting torch, but that might mess things up a little and make reassembly kind of diffucult. If your to cheap to buy a spring compressor, a tool that is priceless when you need it, then just rent one at your local autoparts store or borrow one. All the tricks you read here work but are a pain in the ass, spend a few dollars and save some skin.
  3. Maniak

    XR400R Fork Issues

    Make sure its a 97, 98 is different, on 96,97 you have to compress the tubes in order to tighten and loosen the compression bolt, your compression washer may or may not be there, depending upon the mood of the last guy-girl that worked on it, but if its loose you may just have to tighten it, compress the fork and tighten the compression bolt and see if that stops the leak.
  4. I need to find a good, if not the best, suspension rebuild,revalve shop in Northern California, Sacramento area. I have checked with most of my contacts and cant find a good one. Can anyone recomend a shop? Thanks.
  5. Maniak

    80 mph+ on freeway

    I would be very carful about unloading your rear preload, another guy here last week did that very thing and got a high speed wobble and down. High speed on a tall bike and I would crank in a little more preload than your sag specs call for, if you want to lower it, put a lower link on, drops the seat a little and your suspension and settings stay the same.
  6. Maniak

    tankslapper at high speed

    Way to much in the tripples for a 21", and you might have left the crowns loose, low air in one or both tires or worn tires.Bent frame? try a tire alignment. Backing off the spring preload in the rear to nothing will only help to make the high speed shimmy worse, if anything you should have cranked in more preload. If you are trying to lower it, use a lower link, and if you are going to be on the street a lot try a real good dual sport tire, I put Avon Gripsters on mine and, with everything tight and straight with correct drop on the rear, have had it to 90mph with no shimmy, but you can induce one if you try. If you intend to do street only, try the SM 17's, I can do well over 100 and its stable as a rocket on rails, if everything is in good condition you dont need a stabilizer unless you are doing high speed off road, then everything helps. Sorry about your crash, it happens.
  7. Maniak

    Rear suspension help XL/XR600

    I dont know if a shock from a newer R or L would fit but Im sure someone here does. What I would do is add another $500.00 to that $150.00 and get yourself a real good shock, works, fox, olins or any of the dozens of others. The pitting on the shaft is probably what caused your seal to fail and it will need to be replaced, even the rebuild guy would stop at that, and a stock shock shaft is probably about $100.00 , so you are already up to $250.00 and even if rebuilt properly it will never perform like a good aftermarket shock. Well Well worth the price. You should ask this question in the suspension forum for some real good info, and if you want just ask the guys at ebay who are selling R or L shocks for dimensions and match up to yours, you can probably make it work. Good Luck.
  8. Maniak

    98 XR 600 CS model smog removal question

    Your XR600 most likely does not have any smog system, that black rubber mounted thing with the hoses to the case and air box is probably the pcv valve. I have a 650L and that is what it is on mine, and my old XR. If indeed it is the pcv valve I would suggest to leave it, it separates the oil from the vent pressure and returns it to the case and vents the overpressure to the air box and filtering any negative pressure back. Removing the smog is usually refered to the "L", a street legal version and it only has a vacuum driven air injection pump that pumps air into the exhaust port via the cylinder to help burn any unburnt fuel, just street versions for now. If you don't have two little chrome tubes bolted to the front of your cylinder you don't have a smog system. And if you do have a L with a smog pump, removing it just takes weight off and a lot of ugly shit, and makes working on it easier, there is no performance advantage, save the weight.
  9. Never, Never drill jets, they are too cheep and too easy to get and come in a huge size selection to bother with drilling, and once you drilled and you have to rejet what do you do then, if you are going to do a "Daves Mods" then do what he says and it will work, if you want to change jets then go to Honda or any vendor on the web that sells jets and buy a selection of jets and do a plug check and jet your bike for your conditions, bigger is not always better, to rich and you loose power. By using factory numbered jets you will always know what is in there and after a plug check you will know which way to go, up or down. If you are drilling and go to big you are :censored:and have to buy a new jet anyway. Save yourself a lot of time and trouble, buy some jets.
  10. Maniak

    XR650L Gas Milieage

    04 L new and stock on the street went 55 mpg no matter how I rode, off road dropped but I dont do much so I didnt check. Modified to SuperMoto, 17's, XR's only comp pipe, K and N, Dyno Jet, desmoged and 15x40, I ride hard and I chase down every Hardly rider I find and still get 55 mpg @ about 1100 ft. 10,000 miles and still 55mpg. Very happy
  11. Maniak

    Sticky First Gear

    I have an L not R but first used castrol and had a very slight similar problem, switched to Motol synthentic and is perfect. But I would check your clutch, adjustment and wear.
  12. Maniak

    Long haul XR650L?

    If you dont expect to do any major off roading I would use the GS.
  13. Maniak

    What handgaurds are you running?

    Cycra Pro Bends, tripple clamp mts. Great avatar RJB
  14. Maniak

    dies when put in gear

    I would verify the kick stand switch is bypassed,check to see you didn't unplug any wires in the loom when you did your valve adjust, and make sure your clutch is adjusted correctly.