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    Motoycycles, R/C Trucks, planes, cars, boats and helis. Guns, hunting and fishing.
  1. Dave3dRacing

    answer your ads

    I have the opposite problem trying to sell my 06 yamaha wr450f it has been on TT and craigslist for a month with phone number and email and nothing. Give me a call and I will make you a great deal on a great bike with only 4 rides on it, less than 250mi. on it. see ad on TT. or craigslist (dave3dracing@hotmail.com) it's like nobody is out there. lol
  2. Dave3dRacing

    Holes in my boots

    Wow, even the cheap O'neals boots don't do that. (less than $100.00) Stop trying to kick past the foot peg. LOL