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  1. I`m going to try and make my own .I`ve heard a briggs& stratton oil plug theads into the oil filler,so I`m going to get a wally world cooking thermoter and drill a hole in the plug,and put the probe thru it into the oil fill cap.Wish me luck!
  2. Don`t let your bike sit that long!If you can`t ride it call one of your friends( like me)-we`ll be glad to keep it from going stale!
  3. I don`t know about Ohio but in some states it`s considered a safety item and must be on the bike for annual vehicle inspections.
  4. Back in the 60s&70s,I had compression releases on my 2 strokes. It emptied the cylinder same as a Jake brake.There was a second hole in the head,and the release went in it. There was a lever on the bars(I put mine under the clutch lever)that you pulled when you wanted to slow down.It made a funny Phhhhhhhhhhhhht sound,and actually worked. Trouble was,you would get LOTS of dirt & dust back in the cylinder.
  5. Can I get the top end off a 650L without pulling motor out of frame?
  6. I vote against the wrap around hand grip method. My son ran out of gas on his Beemer-decided I`d have him tow me(more experience)-bad move.It went OK for a while,then he pulled to side of road-when pulling back out,he didnt tell me and pulled bike right out from under me on an angle.If you do use this method,make sure to COMMUNCATE!